Get praying! Mass every Saturday in Moora at 6.30pm except on the fourth Sunday of the month when we start at 10.30am on Sunday morning. Confession available prior to any Mass. Fr Chris 0439 604 459

Rural Region of Moora, Miling, Badgingarra & Dandaragan
Coastal Region of Jurien Bay and Cervantes


Holy Week and Easter Mass Times

  • Maundy Thursday 18 April, 6 pm in Moora: The Lord's Supper
  • Maundy Thursday Communion service/adoration 7pm in Jurien Bay (77 Basford St) 
  • Good Friday 19 April, 3 pm in Moora: The Passion of the Lord
  • Good Friday Stations of the Cross, 3pm CWA Hall Jurien Bay
  • Saturday 20 April, 6.30 pm in Moora: Easter Vigil Mass
  • Sunday 21 April, 8 am in Badgingarra: Easter Sunday Mass
  • Sunday 21 April, 10.30 am Jurien Bay: Easter Sunday Mass*

* At the Jurien Bay Football Club,115.3050953,110391m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m19!1m13!4m12!1m6!1m2!1s0x2bd19a33f24fbc5d:0x32ca8f3ccadafa68!2sjurien+bay+football+club!2m2!1d115.048285!2d-30.3023938!1m4!2m2!1d116.0026439!2d-30.6407573!4e1!3m4!1s0x2bd19a33f24fbc5d:0x32ca8f3ccadafa68!8m2!3d-30.3023938!4d115.048285


The Catholic Parish of Moora acknowledge the Yuat people, the Traditional Owners who have walked upon and cared for this land for thousands of years. We acknowledge the continued deep spiritual attachment and relationship of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to this country and commit ourselves to the ongoing journey of Reconciliation.

21. Apr, 2019

Easter Mass Times

14. Apr, 2019

Palm Sunday

A good preparation for Easter entails reflecting upon Jesus' Passion. The following exercise is recommended during Holy Week taken from the Spiritual exercises of Saint Ignatius.

Colloquy. Imagining Christ our Lord present and placed on the Cross, let me make a Colloquy, how from Creator He is come to making Himself man, and from life eternal is come to temporal death, and so to die for my sins.
Likewise, looking at myself, what I have done for Christ, what I am doing for Christ, what I ought to do for Christ.
And so, seeing Him such, and so nailed on the Cross, to go over that which will present itself.

The Colloquy is made, properly speaking, as one friend speaks to another, or as a servant to his master; now asking some grace, now blaming oneself for some misdeed, now communicating one's affairs, and asking advice in them.
And let me say an OUR FATHER.

7. Apr, 2019

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Jesus straightened up and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She replied, “No one, sir.” Then Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you.
Go, and from now on do not sin anymore.”

This week we listen to the Special Lenten Message from Archbishop Costello, ""We are facing a crisis of faith. The only way through this crisis is a return to fidelity, a return to the Gospel, a return to Christ"

31. Mar, 2019

Fourth Sunday of Lent

In the story of the prodigal son we hear the father declare to his eldest son, "your brother here was dead and has come to life."

Jesus uses this parable against the Pharisees and Scribes who thought they had first dibs on religion thinking they were more like the eldest son whom Jesus exposes as falsely righteous and with a heart full of malice. So, are you like the elder son? I mean of course we are told this Gospel so we identify ourselves in the story as either the falsely righteous or the prodigal son/daughter. I am a prodigal son who squandered much on a life of debauchery

24. Mar, 2019

Third Sunday of Lent

"Unless you repent, you too will all perish”

The message of Medjugorje is a call to repentance, or to conversion back to God. Our Lady gives us five Stones or Weapons –
1. Prayer: Our Lady insists upon prayer
2. Fasting: Another stone in your sack, is fasting from cigarettes, from television, from an evil thought, from a negative project, and from food
3. The Eucharist: You must not just listen to the Holy Mass but live it
4. The Bible: To be read every day!
5. Confession: Monthly

17. Mar, 2019

Second Sunday of Lent

" Moses and Elijah appeared and were speaking of his departure”

Our life is transfigured as we grow in the Love of God, as we become more like Christ by sharing in his victory over selfishness, sin, suffering and even death. Our journey of faith is a journey of light … a journey of darkness undertaken in light of God’s promises to us, in light of the resurrection, and in light of the coming kingdom!

The journey of faith is by nature darkness to the one walking in faith, but for all around, as we walk with Jesus, we ourselves become light for the world

10. Mar, 2019

First Sunday of Lent

Lent is a period of forty days (not Sundays) devoted to prayer, fasting, abstinence and penance. It is a penitential season of prayer and self-denial. Its purpose is our conversion and spiritual renewal by means of enforced acts of self-control and detachment whilst at the same time praying for God’s help to amend our lives. Our conversion finds expression through our helping others

8. Feb, 2019

Special Calendar Events

• 1st Reconciliation 9am Wednesday 29th May
• Ascension Mass 9am Thursday 30 May
• CONFIRMATION MASS 10.30am Sunday 23rd June
• Mary McKillop Mass 9am Thursday 8th August
• Assumption Mass 9am Thursday 15th August
• 1st Holy Communion Mass 10.30am Sunday 25th August
• All Saints Mass 9am Thursday 1st November
• School Mass 9am Friday 13th December

• Maundy Thursday Communion service/adoration 7pm
• Good Friday, Stations 3pm CWA Hall

Fr Chris' annual holidays: 3rd September-3rd October 2019

23. Jul, 2018

Can Catholics Receive Communion If They Fail In Their Sunday Obligation?

3. Jun, 2018

Parish Launch of 2020 Plenary Council

19. Feb, 2018

Holy days of obligation

What are the Holy Days of obligation in Australia? Is missing Mass a sin?

11. Jul, 2017

Do you know the five precepts of the Catholic Church?

26. Jun, 2017

Is Missing Mass a Mortal Sin?

Given how precious the Mass is the Code of Canon Law (#1246) proscribes, "Sunday is the day on which the paschal mystery is celebrated in light of the apostolic tradition and is to be observed as the foremost holy day of obligation in the universal Church." Moreover, "On Sundays and other holy days of obligation, the faithful are bound to participate in the Mass..." (#1247).

Therefore, the Catechism teaches, "Those who deliberately fail in this obligation commit grave sin" (#2181), and grave sin is indeed mortal sin.

17. Oct, 2017

Preparing for Confession

23. Feb, 2018

Teacher resources

Template for the Order of Mass

Rural Region of Moora, Miling, Badgingarra & Dandaragan
Coastal Region of Jurien Bay and Cervantes (see slideshow below)


Moora: 1st 2nd 3rd and 5th Saturdays 6.30 pm
4th Sunday 10.30 am: Morning Tea follows.

Miling: 4th Sunday 8.00 am
Badgingarra: 1st and 3rd Sundays 8.00 am
Dandaragan: 2nd Sunday 8.00 am
Jurien Bay: 1st Sunday 10.30 am
3rd Sunday 10.30 am
4th Saturday 5.30 pm
5th Sunday (if any) Comm. Service 5.30 pm
Cervantes: 2nd Sunday 10.30 am St John Ambulance Centre, Weston St

NOTE: There may be changes on Special Days.

Weekday Mass at Moora: Wednesday 5.30pm & Friday 8.00am
Parish Priest: FR CHRIS WEBB, PO Box 168, Moora, WA 6510
Mobile: 0439 604 459
Parish Email:
Parish Phone: 08-9651 1054
Jurien Bay: 77 Bashford Street , Phone: 08-965216522

January 2019
To mums and dads!
Moora, WA

Dear parents, if your children have not been baptised I invite you to have them baptised.

Would you like your children to experience the joy, the love and the peace of belonging to God’s family? In a few weeks we will celebrate the Presentation of the Lord known as “Candlesmass” because it recalls when Mary and Joseph brought their child into the Temple to proclaimed “light of the nations.” Would you like your child to be a light in Western Australia?

Why would the baby Jesus, who is not in a position to say yes or no, be baptised? If parents are supposed to provide their children with the basic necessities of life, what is more basic than one’s faith in God? Parents do not allow their children to decide whether they want to go to school, whether they want to eat the right foods or do chores at home. We make these decisions for them. Parents have a responsibility to initiate their children into their faith traditions.

When your child is baptised they become light for the world as they experience and learn to respond to God’s love. Baptism will introduce your child to a world of values and a new realm of freedom as children of God. Baptism is the doorway to a life of love and service unlocking your child’s potential to become that person you know they should be.

Getting your child baptised offers them way more than going to church or to getting them into Santa Maria or Mazenod. It introduces them to the life of God calling them to achieve their dreams and to live a life of fulfillment, joy and happiness.

I wholeheartedly invite you to bring your children to Jesus through baptism, to give them the gift of being sons and daughters of God, to introduce them to the values of the Gospel and have their sacraments recognized by any secondary catholic school that they may be fortunate enough to receive higher education! Please call to arrange the baptism of your child or children.

May God Bless You
Fr Chris Webb Phone: 9651 1054 Mobile: 0439 604 459
John the Baptist Church Moora

Artwork by Anne Drayton & year three at St Josephs!

Story of Our Lady of Fatima

Moore River & local agriculture

Farm machinery & local wildflowers

Native animals!

Our Lady of Fatima

Never done this before!

Gettin there!!!

Nearly done ...

Holy Mary mother of God, pray for us :)

At it again!

The year five through to seven children at St Joseph's made some amazing tiles and I wanted to honour their work

Here we go...much quicker than building the grotto

Next was to glue the tiles!

Then to grout them! The year seven class helped

And they got filthy! The grout remained in my finger nails for days.

These tiles are wonderful artwork

Now we offer the sacrifice of the Mass on them!! Well done St Joseph kids

Celebration of the Eucharist Moora style!

Badgingarra, Cnr North West Road & Brand Hwy

Miling: All Saints, Cnr Gt Northern Highway & Seymor St

From East to West Moora parish is vast and diverse!

Cervantes, Weston St

Jurien Bay! 77 Bashford St

St Anne's Crn Dandaragan Rd & Clark St, Dandaragan

The Anglican Church let us use St Annes

Easter 2018

Mrs Watson, you have done it again!

Happy Easter 2018

Candle Crew 2017

Unglaublich! some would say

Nails and our Lord's precious Blood

The light of Christ. Thanks be to God!

Witnessing the Easter miracle in 2016

Death and . . .

Resurrection ...the tomb is empty!


The light of Christ, Jesus is Risen!

Thanks be to God!

Easter fire 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter 2015

Easter Candle by Jasna

Easter Candle by Jasna

Easter Candle by Jasna

Easter Candle by Jasna

Easter Candle by Jasna

Easter fire 2016

Easter fire 2016

Easter fire 2016

Easter fire 2016

Easter fire 2016

Morning Adoration