Pregnant and in need of help?

Pregnancy Assistance is there to help any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy or worried that they may be pregnant.

They also offer free confidential counselling to men/partners and family members concerned for the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.

About Pregnancy Assistance

Pregnancy Assistance provides you with caring, trained counsellors who have supported many women just like you who were pregnant and scared.

They provide you with a calm, peaceful and confidential environment where you can sit with your pregnancy and share your feelings freely. They will listen and help you regardless of your situation, without judgement, without cost and with full confidentiality. You are not alone.


Pregnancy Assistance provides confidential and extensive counselling in the following areas:

Abortion Alternatives

You will live with the decision you are about to make for the rest of your life. Pregnancy Assistance will help you make an informed decision about your alternatives. Emotions can often cloud your thinking when such an important decision is to be made at this difficult time.

Job/Study Continuation

Pregnancy Assistance can provide information about the availability of facilities to make it possible to combine motherhood with your studies and career.

Community Resources

Pregnancy Assistance can assist with information on how to access any necessary community resources that are available to you.

Planning Your Future

Having a baby does not end your hopes, dreams or future plans. A new vista of happiness and success are possible for you and your baby.

After Hours Appointments

After hours appointments can be made in special circumstances.

For further details visit their website  Alternatively contact them via telephone: (08) 9328 2929 or email: