The Good News: What Happened at Easter

Jesus' surrender to God in the hours of his suffering and death has transformed the meaning of suffering, and in fact the whole course of human history. God has revealed his love that was in the heart of his Son, Jesus. God has given us his heart, his love, his life. Through this offering, Jesus has restored our life. Now the holy Cross is packed with meaning and value for each of us because suffering is made redemptive - if we are open to the mystery of Christ. 

Suffering and death are now transformed into being the place where life and God are found.

Rejoice all you faithful, the Lord is Risen and with him, we shall rise. Rejoice – what was unthinkable has happened, Jesus has risen from the dead!

By raising Jesus from the dead, God vindicated Jesus.  Jesus is the Son of God, and as he has been raised, so we will be raised from the dead. THE TOMB IS EMPTY! JESUS IS APPEARING TO HIS DISCIPLES!  

Testimony to the Risen Jesus is found in all the Gospels. There is a common pattern of (i) experiencing the risen Jesus but not knowing it’s him! (ii) the climactic point of which is the moment of recognition. Jesus has a likeness from the past—something is the same about him—with a change in the present—something is radically different! This leads to three incredible transformations that sum up the Easter event:

•        Jesus undergoes a transition from one mode of existence to another (how? only God knows!);

•        The disciples undergo a conversion experience. They experience forgiveness, overcome their guilt, and are empowered to become the new agents of God’s kingdom;

•        Last, the message is transformed – Jesus preached the kingdom but the disciples preach the crucified and risen Jesus.


What does this all mean? No Easter bunny, just some pretty Good News . . .

•        Death isn’t final, death has been conquered –Jesus beat it.

•        The resurrection is ongoing. Jesus is risen among us: meaning his love is still at work in our hearts, calling us to enter a deeper relationship with him through faith.

•        Life is not a dead end! Life continues and so even apparent tragedy will be resolved when we re-join our loved ones who have gone before us.

•        Because resurrection is the promise of our future life we can be filled with hope in the present and committed to striving towards bringing about God’s kingdom! It should spur us on to improving things now.

We are blessed, we are the people of the resurrection … Happy Easter!

Here is a link to an Easter story for kids