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Divine Mercy Sunday

We can’t imagine the infinite abyss between the All Holy God and us –sinners.  Divine Mercy refers to God overlooking this abyss –our unworthiness of his love and yet calling us to share in his life at the cost of his own Sons’ life.  What God has done is unfathomable.  And to think many of us seek after a balanced life, yet God is constantly calling us out of balance to cross over the abyss and to become more like him; holy; ‘full’ of love; virtuous; just; tender; more his child.  Why?  God is Mercy and Love itself and so God desires to raise us up to be able to love him in return. 

It doesn’t matter to what extent we have fallen into sin.  Relative to the Holiness of God not one of us is just, not one of us is worthy ... except Jesus whom we crucified.  And Jesus, having suffered everything for us finds relief only when we turn to him to ask his forgives and grace, asking for him to reconcile us with the Father.  Jesus is the bridge over the abyss between our sinfulness and the holiness of God.  By putting our trust in Jesus are we made right with God as we drink from the stream of living water –the life of God flowing out of Jesus’ heart that washes away our sins and makes us at rights with God.  And when we are refreshed and have drunk from the side of Christ we ourselves become inebriated by God’s love and set free to fully share in God’s life by our becoming active in love through the giving of our own ‘blood’ –thus becoming other Christs in our world. 

God’s tenderness is infinite; God’s mercy and goodness is unfathomable.  God doesn’t weigh up our worthiness but simply gives to those who are willing to receive.  God’s mercy is unfathomable: the more we trust, the more we receive.

Today is the feast of Divine Mercy.  Today God desires to pour out his love upon us through his Son.  Trust in Jesus.  This love comes from the depth of God’s mercy unbalancing us, consuming our sins and challenging us to become more a son or daughter of God.  Any parent knows what is at the heart of Divine Mercy.  It is the love of a father/ mother for their child.  Just as mum or dad overlook their children’s faults and would give their life for them, God loves us in that same manner, only God’s love gives eternal life.  And that is what the feast of Mercy is about.