Annual Leave, Yah

Fr Chris Annual Holidays, 1-29th September

Mr Garry Brown alleges that Fr Chris has gone fishing. Perhaps this is so. He could have gone to Guam because accomadation is cheap. However, he may be somewhere close to the ocean. This picture might be a good spot to start looking for him.

In the meantine Fr Vincent Conroy (6261 2907, 0448 901 996) will be taking care of the parish on the 1st & 2nd Sunday of the month and Fr Roy Pereira (0417 936449) on the 3rd & 4th Sunday. Thanks be to God! 

Great place for diving - well, on the other side of the island. All dives here seem to be deep, meaning I haven't been on one less than 16 metres.

Tide's out. Is a Tsunami coming?