I'm not here, but may be close-by!

I wish I was staying here but I'm not :(

Have you heard of Zanzibar? The Indian Ocean surrounds this breathtaking island which has become a site for adventurous tourists. It is a bit off in distance from the coast of Tanzania https://www.momoafrica.com/tourist-guide-to-zanzibar/ 

Annual Leave, Yah

Fr Chris Annual Holidays, 1-29th September 2018

This year Mr Garry Brown has been MIA for three months! Although Fr Chris sees the benefits of imitating Mr Garry Brown and taking 3-months leave, Fr Chris will only be away for September 2018. 

Thanks be to God that Fr Vincent Conroy will be taking care our Moora parish again this year.

Last year's adventure was in Vanuatu. This year I may never return ….I’m off to Zanzibar. Please keep me in your prayers and I will register with Smart Traveller. In case I don't return check with them. 

Tel: +255-777-454505

 Soooo Last Year!

Fr Chris Annual Holidays, 1-29th September 2107

Mr Garry Brown alleges that Fr Chris has gone fishing. Perhaps this is so. He could have gone to Guam because accommodation is cheap. However, he may be somewhere close to the ocean. This above picture might be a good spot to start looking for him.

The pictures below are where I actually went …Vanuatu


6. Jul, 2018

Below are photos of Vanuatu. To come this September are photos of Zanzibar (God willing)

Great place for diving - well, on the other side of the island. All dives here seem to be deep, meaning I haven't been on one less than 16 metres.

Tide's out. Is a Tsunami coming?