14. May, 2016

Is Anybody Out There?

Is Anybody Out There?

Please have your say by raising issues of concern on the J-Bap blog page.

For example, is anyone outraged at the lack of grass-roots consultation of Church or State (for example) authorities with the people they govern? Are they listening? Alternately, are governing bodies outraged by a lack of impetus and input from those whom they represent? An example of a possible problematic social phenomena within governing bodies is the pressure to form a consensus—to keep the party line. Have you ever heard of groupthink? More poignantly, are there symptoms of groupthink within our institutions? Read below about this interesting dynamic said to cause the space shuttle Challenger disaster https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBw0ased8Sw

Do you have a gripe with parents who push their children to receive sacraments just so they can get into a certain school? I’m tempted to say that Baptism is like receiving a key. The key in itself is pretty useless unless you use it, i.e. participate in the Eucharist! I mean, who would be happy to just get a key to their first car and not go for a drive?

Do you want to raise an issue about the treatment of refugees and forcibly displaced persons? Do you agree with this statement? “If we are to promote the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death, we must not forget those least among us who are refugees and asylum seekers. The darkness which these two people have been allowed to spiral into as a result of their situation in detention centres, goes against the promotion of a consistent ethic of life.” Retrieved from  http://mediablog.catholic.org.au/detention-and-the-human-person/#sthash.IhLZxHea.dpuf

Whatever you wish to say, please raise it here.

Is anybody out there??? and do you remember this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHN6AViJAvI

More poignantly, was this Pink Floyd song prophetic of the current ice-age? https://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_914453&feature=iv&src_vid=YQWszrZHBPI&v=9DqK2PkFgtw


Irving Janis (1982) described a kind of flawed group dynamic of group decision making that he called groupthink. Groupthink is an excessive tendency to seek concurrence (that is, agreement or uniformity) among group members. Groupthink emerges when the need for agreement takes priority over the motivation to obtain accurate information and make appropriate decisions.

Preventing Groupthink/guard against groupthink, Janis urged groups to make an active effort to process information more carefully and accurately. He recommended that decision-making groups use the following strategies

  • To avoid isolation, groups should consult widely with outsiders.
  • To reduce group pressures to conform, leaders should explicitly encourage criticism and not take a strong stand early in the group discussion.
  • To establish a strong norm of critical review, subgroups should separately discuss the same issue, a member should be assigned to play devil's advocate and question all decisions and ideas, and a "second chance" meeting should be held to reconsider the group decision before taking action.