12. Jun, 2016

Who really is Jesus to you?

Who do you say I am?”

Who really is Jesus to you?

Who is Jesus? This is the most important question in the bible. We must all answer individually. The course of our whole life—in a certain sense—flows from the way we answer. Answering involves a commitment.

I think the best way we can think about our commitment to God is to start by thinking about the way we commit to each other in our relationships. Imagine, there is this handsome young guy, or a beautiful young woman. Someone decides they like him or her. The two go out and things between them go swimmingly well. All of a sudden a relationship forms. Let’s say this guy really likes this girl. He does everything for her. She enjoys very much her time with him. It’s nice for her because he treats her so well. He seems to be so considerate, so loving, such a good person. She really does like him and he even gives her lots of presents; even takes her out to dinner. Never before has she been treated so well.

All of a sudden the day comes when another attractive guy takes interest in her. She likes the attention. All of a sudden it’s all over. She has moved on. He, sadly, ended up with a ring. The ring he bought to propose marriage to her.

Can we relate to this? Two people, one relationship—both poles apart. The young man had fallen in love. He decided she was the one. It could have been someone else, but he had fallen in love with her. In his heart he had already made a commitment to her. From thence forth the relationship with her was to become everything to him. He had made his decision. He had decided she was the one with whom he was going to enter into a life-long commitment.

On the other hand, the beautiful young girl was grateful. She had had a good time. At the time she was getting something out of the relationship—until that time when she actually had to face the reality that she also was going to have to contribute something of herself; that she also had to make a commitment to him. Then it all became a bit too much for her.

Jesus is the young man. We are the one he is chasing. Sometimes we can be like that uncommitted young girl who is fine with a relationship—just as long as we are getting something out of it! But when push comes to shove, when reality bites and when we are not getting enough out of our relationship with Jesus, then it to can become too much for us.

Are we committed to Jesus? Are we in love with him? Is our thinking something like: Jesus I love you and if I can contribute to our relationship, then I’m happy and the whole thing is worthwhile.  

Or are we uncommitted? Do we care about Jesus’ feelings? Is our thinking something like: Jesus I am not prepared to make a personal commitment to you. If I can just get something from you, then this relationship will be all worthwhile.

Who really is Jesus to you?  What is the status of your relationship? The way you answer this determines if you are in it for yourself, or whether you are in the relationship for him—as he is for you. This is the most important question.