6. Jan, 2017

The Apostasy from the Truth

Opinion Piece: Apostasy from the Truth

I fear that the new direction of the Church is coming at a cost.

Like most of you I thought everything was wonderful under the leadership of our Holy Father. Then broke the news over Amoris Laetitia and Cardinals wanting clarity over some issues (see previous series of posts, particularly December 18, 2016). What was more disturbing was the way the Holy Father was reported to have responded to the dubia. It was reported that some Cardinals had been judged to be harbouring demonic/malevolent intentions. Also, no response to the dubia have been forthcoming, which is not a healthy state of affairs.

Then come reports of overturning centuries of Tradition. One article claimed that "remarried" Catholics now have the "blessing of the Pope" to receive Communion, the use of contraception is "a decision of conscience" for couples, and homosexuals can constitute a "family." (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/austrian-bishop-pope-francis-has-changed-the-teaching-of-the-church-for-div)

The Cost of the New Direction

It would be wonderful to resolve so many of our problems by being a little laxer about our affairs. If we can’t pay the price to discipline our children, then don’t mind what they are getting up to on the internet. Is there something wrong with letting them do what they want?

The cost of letting people do whatever they want, and not to pull them up for it (i.e., call them to conversion, to repent of their sin) is the same when it comes to receiving sacraments. It comes at the cost of people doing the right thing.

Anyway, it would be absurd: If you are not faithful to Jesus it is absurd to want to commune with him.

So, are we going to just let people do whatever they please, or is it a better thing to uphold discipline?

The Reason Behind the New Direction

The reason is that our Church Fathers are wanting to solve modern problems and it is unwittingly coming at the cost of our traditional discipline – discipline based on the truths of our faith.

The reason why that is scary is that this points to apostasy and prophesy. In the video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6isd20OPYY) you will hear warnings of apostasy, specifically that our churchmen are wanting to solve modern problems at the cost of apostasy from truth.

The problem is that when we are relying on ourselves, we are not relying on God. This fact is so pertinent in this Christmas season because Jesus’ coming was for us to rely on him—the Immanuel, God who came to be among his people—to solve our problems. Let us have a little faith in our God.