11. Mar, 2017

“You are my son, you are my daughter: I love you.”

“You are my son, you are my daughter: I love you.” When we receive baptism, God is proclaiming his love for us. However, often we think of baptism in negative terms. What place does baptism have in our world, and do we really need it?

In good relationships things go well when the two partners are faithful to each other. By this fidelity, they look after each other (another way of saying that they love each other) ans all goes well. When we talk about original sin we are making sense of our (human) infidelity to the most important relationship we have – the one with our creator. And by being unfaithful, we have lost all sense of what is good by turning away from God, and all does not go well.

Baptism frees us from that interior chaos that is a consequence of not knowing what is good and what is bad, in my life. Receiving that grace can be subtle. At other times God’s grace can be overwhelming. A new life journey/quest commences when we invite God back into our lives, starting with our baptism.  

Think of this mystery like the presence of a rainbow – that spectrum of light that we can perceive, but never tangible grasp. Interestingly God manifests through the seven gifts of the Spirit. This eruption of spiritual beauty in our lives draws us out of ourselves, just as if we were chasing that elusive pot of gold. Baptism frees us from being inward looking, to being outward looking, loving people.

But it’s more than that. Sacraments initiate a personal journey of love. We can also think of sacraments as doors, opening to us the mystery of God. What is behind that first door … it is the living presence of our Father. Having opened that door, we can cry out to God “Abba, Father!” – just like Jesus, as we become children of God.

Opening the second door we welcome the presence of the Spirit so we can cry out Father, I love you – with the very love of God burning in our hearts.

The last sacrament of initiation is the food we need for the journey so that we can truly love like Jesus. That is the Eucharist - the nourishment we recieve through communin with Christ.

Congratulations to all who have begun their journey of faith.