12. Mar, 2017

What’s the right thing to do to hook up with you?

Third Sunday of Lent Year A

I think there is no coincidence that Jesus is sitting at the well. Remember in chapter two of Johns Gospel when Jesus says “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.” I think just as Jesus was the true Temple of God (instead of the manmade temple) Jesus is the true Well, not the manmade one. The difference between the two wells is that Jesus refreshes us with the Spirit that leads to eternal life.

What’s going on in the story then? The answer is that God always accompanies us, just as he did Israel and Moses and also, the Samaritan woman. That is the underlying theme. And as this God who accompanies us is the source of life, all we need do is make an act of faith, so that we may receive that life. This fits the narrative meaning that as Moses had to make an act of faith, so did the Samaritan community, and so do we. God accompanies us, God is always there to offer us eternal life, and all we need do is make an act of faith.

Let’s think about this idea of fidelity. Notice there is drama in both stories. Both the Israelites and the Samaritan woman were thirsting, both discontent. Both unfaithful. Also, in both stories we have a mediator before God – Moses and the new Moses – Jesus. Of course, Jesus mediates the true covenant with God through a personal, living and faithful relationship with his Father. So, we enter into this relationship though being faithful to Jesus. Through fidelity to the Son of God we receive the benefits of his relationship with our God.

In the end, it’s a no brainer: we should choose fidelity to Christ. Having realised this, we ask ourselves a metaphorical question: What do I have to do to receive this living water Jesus? Or, in relationship language: what’s the right thing to do to hook up with you? Everything in our life hinges around this question. If we get it right, we go to heaven and receive eternal life. To put it bluntly, if we get it wrong we go to hell.

Jesus, what is the right thing to do to hook up with you? Our life choices can’t be: Well, I want this, so I will take this, and live like this and that. How dumb is that? This is foolish if what we are pursuing is at the cost of our being faithful to Jesus. When we die, we go to hell. That’s not a good outcome.

To end our reflection, think about this. Jesus isn’t loving you if he were to preach anything other than repentance. He wills that we turn away from sin, and turn back to God. For that reason, he pulled up the Samaritan woman for her adultery. He challenged her.

Jesus challenged the Samaritan woman for her sin of adultery. Jesus is challenging me, for my sins. Jesus is challenging you, because of your sins. Repent, sin no more. Be faithful to Jesus. He will give you life. Amen.