3. Apr, 2017

Loving each other for ever

Pope on Valentine's Day: 'Loving each other for ever not just a question time'

Translated blog retrieved from http://www.horsemoonpost.com/2014/02/14/papa-a-san-valentino-amarsi-per-sempre-non-solo-questione-durata/

Vatican City - A white pillow for wedding rings to all engaged couples, gathered in St. Peter's Square on the day of Valentine's Day. It 'a gift from Pope Francis to the young people present at the meeting organized by the Pontifical Council for the Family on the occasion of Valentine's celebration. " This bearing - explained to the 30 thousand boys Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, head of the department - is a caress of the Pope who wants to be present on the day of your wedding ."

"Many who are preparing for marriage say: 'we are together until' love becomes hard'. And a seminarian told his bishop: 'I want to be a priest for 10 years ''. Papa Francesco - answering questions from the streets boyfriends San Pietro - did these examples to emphasize that "today many people are afraid to make choices, all your life, it seems impossible ." " Today - said Bergoglio - everything changes quickly, nothing lasts long ." But, he chanted, " we must not let ourselves be overcome by the culture of provisional ."

Francesco suggested engaged couples to reflect on what do we mean by " love ". " It's just - he asked - a feeling, a physical or mental condition? Of course, if that is, you can not build on something solid. But if you love and 'a report, and then' a reality that it is growing, and we can also say by way of example which is built like! a house. And the house is built together, not alone! Building here means to encourage and help growth . "

"Dear boyfriends - said the 30,000 square boys St. Peter - you are preparing to grow together, to build this house, to live together forever. You do not want to base it on the sand of the feelings that come and go, but on the rock of true love, the love that comes from God . " " The family - he added Bergoglio - was born from this project of love that wants to grow as we build a house to be a place of love, help, hope and support. As the love of God and 'stable and forever, so' the love that he founded the family want it to be stable and forever . "

For Pope Francis, ultimately " the fear of the 'forever' care day by day trusting in the Lord Jesus in a life that becomes a daily spiritual journey, made up of steps, the common growth, commitment to become mature men and women in faith ".

"Dear boyfriends - the Pontiff explained - the l 'forever' is not just a matter of time! A marriage is not 'able only if it lasts, but it' s important to its quality '. Being together and know how to cherish forever, and 'the challenge of Christian spouses ".

In this regard, Francis recalled the miracle of the loaves. " Even for you - he assured the boys - the Lord can multiply your love and donarvelo fresh and good every day. It has an endless supply! He gives you the love that is the foundation of your union and renews it every day, it reinforces it. It makes it even bigger when the family grows with the children . " " Ask of Jesus - then asked Francis to the crowded square Recalling the importance of prayer in the family - to multiply your love. In the prayer of the Our Father we - he concluded - we say: 'Give us this day our daily bread'. The spouses can learn to pray even so ': "Lord, give us this day our daily love," teach us to love each other, to love each other! Piu 'you entrust to Him, the more' your love will be '' forever ', capable of renewal, and shall overcome all difficulties . "


"Know that the courtesy and 'one of the property' of God: Courtesy is the sister of charity, which extinguishes hate and keeps love ." This phrase of the Little Flowers of St. Francis was recalled by Pope Francis in response to one of the engaged couple questions. " True love - said the boys - not imposed by hardness and aggression ." " Asking permission means being able to come with courtesy in the lives of others. Sometimes instead of using manners a bit 'heavy, like some hiking boots! ". " Asking permission - Francesco - is the kind request to enter into the life of another with respect and attention. We must learn to ask: can I do this? Like we do so '? Whether we take the initiative, so that we educate 'children? Do you want to go out this evening? ... ".

The Pope focused his catechesis on the famous three magic words that most often suggested to couples' permission, thank you, excuse ", specifying the crowded square that kids" have sent the questions in advance . " " I understand: so 'I could reflect and think about an answer a bit' more solid ."

According to Francis " courtesy preserves the love. And today in our families, in our world, often violent and arrogant, there 'need much more courtesy . " " Thanks: it sounds easy - he continued - say the word, but we know that is not 'so' Pero 'and' important! The teaching children, but then we forget it! Gratitude and 'an important sense: remember the Gospel of Luke? Jesus healed ten leprosy cases and then only one back to say thanks to Jesus . "

"And the Lord says - said the Pope - and the other nine, where are they? This also applies for us: we thank? In your relationship, and tomorrow in married life, and 'important to keep alive the awareness that the other person and' a gift from God, which always give thanks. And in this inner attitude say thank each other for everything. It 's not a kind word to use with strangers, to be educated. You have to know how to say thank you, to get on well together . "

Finally the word " sorry ". " In life - said Francesco - we make so many mistakes, many mistakes. We make them all. Maybe not a day where we do some mistakes. Here then the need 'to use this simple word: sorry . " " In general - he observed - each of us is ready to accuse the other and justify himself. It is an instinct that is at the origin of so many disasters ". "We learn - Francis suggested to the boys - to recognize our mistakes and say sorry: I'm sorry I raised my voice "; sorry if I went without saying goodbye; sorry I'm late; If this week have been so 'silent; if I talked too much without ever listening; sorry if I forgot . "

"Even so - he concluded - he is growing a Christian family. We all know that there is no perfect family, and even the perfect husband or the perfect wife. We exist us sinners. Jesus, who knows us, teaches us a secret: it is important to never end a day without asking for forgiveness, without which peace back in our home, in our family. If we learn to ask pardon and forgive each other, the marriage will last, it will go on . "


"Marriage is also a job everyday. A craft, jeweler , "said Papa Francesco. According Bergoglio, "the husband is responsible for making more women wife and husband to do more man her husband ." " When you walk in the street - he said to a couple - you will say 'what a beautiful lady, is so' because it has a good husband. And to you who you are so thanks to your wife. This means growing together. Ensure that the other will grow. May the Lord bless this . "