14. Apr, 2017

God’s Love Revealed on the Cross

Good Friday

When we are in love we say that we give our heart to the person we love. Our heart has the capacity to love many people, in many different ways. How much more so the heart of Jesus?

Theology isn’t that difficult. Understanding God is a matter of the heart. Augustine would say we need the help of Christ. We need grace – that is, the experience of, and encounter with, the living God who somehow reaches into our world to embrace us.

What else is grace than the love of our God, who has embraced us? The love in our hearts can create amazing, living relationships. How much more so the heart of Jesus? The grace that reopened the ‘gateway’ between us and God is simply the love that was in Jesus’ heart on the Cross. This great act of love is that which embraces all of us. That is all that grace really is because our God is Love.

So, through the Holy Cross the new life of grace flows. This grace heals us interiorly if we accept it for what it is – the love that God has for each one of us. Love makes everything better.

When we accept it, this love that re-establishes all Christians in a new and profound relationship of interior intimacy with God. This intimate and personal love flowing from the Cross, flowing out of the heart of our God, is very beautiful. There is no greater love that we can experience. Jesus is the greatest lover of all!

Jesus gave all so he could share in our life and invite us to share in his! First, he didn’t hold back! Second, love conquers all! Jesus has become the source of eternal salvation because his act of supreme love has broken down the barriers between us and God, reinstating all people in God’s grace.

Because of what Jesus did we are worthy to share in the life of God. And that’s not because of anything we have done – it is simply because Jesus loves us.

And its Jesus' love that is still at work in our us, continuing to break down any barriers between us and God. Think about that extent of God’s love in the next days. After this service, you are invited to confess your omissions in responding to such great love shown to you, through sacramental confession.

Picture: Retrieved from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sayings_of_Jesus_on_the_cross