30. May, 2017

Cardinal Müller Denying Reality

Denying Reality From https://gloria.tv/article/gLRxTPqjTTty1DiVfEMx7yFK6

On May 25th Raymond Arroyo interviewed on EWTN (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhPGrOocZCU) Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. During the interview Müller praised the ambiguous document Amoris Laetitia explaining that it does not and cannot change the Church teaching on marriage.

Arroyo replied: “Does it trouble you that so many Bishops’ Conferences are at odds in their interpretations of Amoris Laetiita?” Müller replies: “It is not good that the Bishops’ Conferences are making official interpretations of the Pope.”

Reminding Müller that the pope himself approved the interpretation of Argentinian bishops, who allow Communion for adulterers, Arroyo states: “That seems to give credence to the absolute opposite of your interpretation that nothing has changed.”

At this point Müller sidetracks, “Bishops interpret the Pope, the Pope interprets the bishops”, adding that after two synods and a final document the discussion should be "finished".