7. Jun, 2017

At all times bless the Lord, your God

What a Muddle!

At all times bless the Lord, your God, and ask him that all your paths may be straight and all your endeavours and plans may prosper. For no other nation possesses good counsel, but it is the Lord who gives all good things.” Tobit, Chapter 4:19

Reflection for Wednesday, week 9, yr 1: Oh boy, two people praying to die (in the book of Tobit). We get ourselves in such a muddle, digging ourselves into a hole. The reason is that we place the business of our-self above the business of God.

One hundred % - we always get things wrong in our relationships. That is expected as what we think (i.e., our judgments) about other people is never 100 % true. Our thinking is biased.

If we base our lives on what “I this, I that, you this, you that,” we will always be in conflict. LET IT GO!  

Let it go. We need only pray for the death of egoism (our own). It never happens like this, however. It is only when we get in such a muddle that we can put the business of God first.

Get Over Your Self!

1. Do not judge another – you do not know them (really!)

2. Heartfelt prayer converts us, so we may be about God’s business (we are the source of our problems, God has it sorted if we only turn to God!)

3. God’s business is that we put Love first.

My God I love you. My brother, my sister – I love you. PROBLEM SORTED 😊