18. Jun, 2017

The Best Gift Ever

The best-ever gift!

If you have lost something, it normally means it belonged to you. St Paul tells us a story about losing something that we didn’t even deserve to have, and then getting something better!

Does anyone know what we lost? St Paul is talking about God. Even though we didn’t deserve God, God gave himself to us when God created the world, and us. Then the unthinkable happened – we lost this great gift. Is that possible? Yes, it is, as we can choose not to welcome God into our heart and into our lives. The story is that we lost God through sin, by rejecting the life of God in our hearts and in our lives.

The tricky thing is: Once we lose God, how do we get him back? The only way we possessed God was for God to give himself to us in the first place. So, we can’t get him back on our own.  

The amazing thing is that now we do have God in our lives again. Even though we lost God—because we didn’t want him—God has given himself to us a second time. This time the gift is even better! That gift is Jesus himself.

On the night of the last supper Jesus gave that special gift – the gift of himself when he changed bread and wine into his Body and Blood. Then he gave up his life on the Cross. What he did he asks us to do for each other. We share this meal, we receive his Body and Blood, and then we go out into our families to share this new life with them, because we have been nourished by Jesus himself.

Jesus Body and Blood is the best gift ever! It is not ordinary bread and wine. It is Jesus Body. And the wine becomes his Blood. It gives us real energy because it nourishes us with Jesus himself.

We own this gift. We eat this gift! We can even put this gift in the Church so we can come to Jesus whenever we want.

  • The Eucharist is the best gift ever - eat it and you will never die
  • It cost Jesus his life to give it to us, so he gives it for free

And we have a responsibility to receive this gift. Jesus suffered and died so we may have this gift. If we don’t receive the Bread of life we won’t have Jesus and we will die, and that’ll be the end for us. That is why Jesus begs us not to disown him this time.

We have been given the best gift ever, don’t ignore Jesus, don’t forget about him, instead come often to see him and to receive him every time you come to Church to celebrate God's love.

Image: http://www.corpuschristibaltimore.org/