16. Jul, 2017

The Parable of the Sower

Is the Word of God Growing in Your Heart?

In the 1st reading (15th Sunday, A) there is a clear briefing. God says, 'I send my word to you so that you may know what I expect of you, so my Word may bear fruit in you.' The 2nd reading tells us that this fruit is divine and that we are called to become children of God. So, does our life show fruits of our obedience to the Word of God, or is our life empty of those fruits? Are we truly children of God?

We cannot sit on the fence when it comes to our choice for God. We are like plants: the life of virtue either courses within us and we grow, or that life withers and we die. God’s Word has a specific purpose. By opening our heart to God’s Word, we allow it to take root and the seed of divinity grows. We grow in faith and in a wonderful way God becomes present in our lives.

Alternately, we can reject God’s Word through pride, and by our infidelity to all things good and of God. As we reject beauty, truth, love, and close our hearts to the occasions that bind us together – our heart grows coarse and we alienate ourselves. We die inside.

  • God sends his Word. We make an unavoidable choice to either accept, or reject Jesus. Our life bears fruits of peace, or of disaster. We become children of God, or we do not.

Why the Parables?

Jesus knew the coarseness of the hearts of many of those who listened to him, and how those individuals were dismissive of him. Because of their contempt, the Lord spoke in parables. You see, it was their pride that prevented them to see meaning in what the Lord said.  

In contrast, those who understood their need of instruction and conversion entered Jesus’ parables. In their humility, those faithful disciples placed themselves in the story Jesus was telling. In their openness to instruction they allowed the Word of God to confront them. The more deeply Jesus words penetrated their hearts, the more they understood how God’s Word could be used to judge their own lives. Of course, for the proud of this is impossible. Proud people never see any fault in themselves.

If we do not see this Gospel as a direct challenge to our lifestyle, then our hearts are too course, and we are too proud to admit any fault in ourselves. We all have faults. We all struggle with our faith. All too easily we get caught up in other things and slowly our heart turns away from God. For that reason, conversion must be a daily exercise.

This Gospel is a direct challenge to our lifestyle. For our own sake, we must examine our life every day in prayer, and whilst reflecting on the Word of God. If we are not willing to open our heart and examine our life against that of Jesus’ life, there will be no fertile soil in the garden of our hearts for God’s Word to take root and to grow.


We often don’t hear what Jesus is saying to us because we don’t think that what Jesus is saying, applies to me. It does! In the end we must ask where do we place our trust, in ourselves or in God? I promise you, God knows best – humble yourself and listen to the Word of God 😊