16. Jul, 2017

Heaven or Hell: Your Choice

God knows best how to make us happy!

Last Sunday we asked why Jesus spoke in parables. The people who were too proud and obstinate saw no need of Jesus. Hence, they could not understand the mysteries Jesus taught. Those humble enough to recognise their need of Jesus welcomed his every Word, allowing them to penetrate deeply into their hearts. They could see themselves in the stories, and recognising their faults, were able to convert their way of living in obedience to God’s Word.

This week (16th Sunday, A) we also hear Jesus speak in parables. He is truly revealing mysteries hidden from the foundations of the world – the mystery of creation and the creation of goodness. Jesus is inviting us to live according to God’s will and purpose for us, because that is the only way we can be happy.

The Lord wants us to be the good seed, however there are two paths, two kingdoms and two possibilities. But these possibilities are made definitive only when we die (Hebrews 9:16). That is when we make our final choice for, or against, God. In between now and then, both possibilities are present at the same time.

We can grow up to be wheat or a weed! But because our lives are interwoven in this life, good and bad people live side-by-side. God allows this because each person must be free to make up their own mind by the choices they make. Am I bad like weeds, or am I like good like wheat?  It is my choice to make and God cannot do anything about it.

A great guy called Saint Augustine talks about what these choices mean. We can belong to the kingdom of God, or the kingdom of the world by either choosing virtue or vice! Jesus calls us to virtue and the evil one lures us to vice.

The foundation of God’s enterprise is humility – God I need you! Your will be done. The evil one tempts you to think – I need only me, I can do it on my own and I will do it my way…I KNOW BEST!

Let’s think about how these kingdoms come about! For us guys Jesus is the foundation. In our humility, we recognise that we need him. In his humility, he serves us. We ask of him graces and to do stuff for us. And because he acts like a mom or dad, he caters to our needs whilst guiding us along the right path.

Beautiful: humility, love, service. That is what we must be like to become another brick upon which God’s kingdom is built. The cornerstone/foundation brick at the bottom is Jesus. He is there because he is the greatest servant of all, the humblest, and most loving. Our lives are built on his as we strive to become like him😊

The naughty guys belong to the evil one. They like being bad. They want to be top dog, to boss everyone around, and have people serve them. It’s like an animal kingdom where the strongest and meanest animal is the lord of all the other animals. Pride, power, violence, hatred, lies…, all these things are of the evil one.

"Lies are a give-away that we belong to the father of lies"

People are free to choose one kingdom or the other – to love and serve, or to hate and dominate. The big secret Jesus reveals is that people who have sown the good seed end up in heaven. Sow bad seed and you go to hell. Bad people don’t love God or want to be with God in heaven. And, sure as hell, they are too proud to admit their need of God’s merciful love. 

We can’t stop other people being good or bad, it is their choice. Trust that God knows what is best for you. Love God, be humble, and serve your brothers and sisters. That’s the best way. You’ll get your reward, as the bad people will get theirs.