29. Jul, 2017

How To Pick A Fledgling Demoniac

Gluttony, Avarice, Pride?

This title is maybe a little cheeky, but consider the times. Fake news spewed out by those whose spirit is more aligned to that of the father of lies. So, who’s your daddy – that is todays pressing question?

Jesus accused his detractors of belonging to their father – and the Lord did not mean his Father View John 8:31-59.

Signs of Demonism

As with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, there are gifts and fruits, so it is with fledgling demoniacs.

Whoever belongs to God hears what God says (says that guy Jesus, AD 30ish). In contrast, when you have been sealed with the gift of having no fear of God, the fruit is the marvellous capacity to give false testimony about other people. Make it up, whatever you like – just as it allows you to position yourself at the top of the seething heap, that is the kingdom of this world. I mean, didn’t satan whisper in your ear telling you that you could have it all? So, go on, be satan’s darling and tell a few porkies.

What else? I will just limit this little reflection to my favourites. I don’t want to dwell on the temptation to all manner of bodily gratification, or too much on power, possessiveness and getting it your way. My favourite tell is pride 😊

So, how to pick a fledgling demoniac? With complete irreverence and disregard for eternal alienation from God, why not pronounce yourself the marvel of great awe that you believe you really are? I mean who needs to throw themselves off the temple, just pronounce yourself a living god in no need of a deity other than yourself!

Oops, how to pick this guy? I didn’t forget, just got carried away. Too easy, that person will simply refuse to accept instruction. You see, being so marvellous they have no need of instruction – they are better than that …well, until that moment they realise they are not (It’s not like they are open to receive Gods Word, and submit to it – don’t be so silly).

You won’t be able to tell them of their faults, they will just hate you the more. But when the obstinate, stubborn refusal that defines their dark, loveless hearts, confronts the living God, they will only hate the more. Then, as they slip into hell, they may realise not that they were wrong, but that they just hate God and all that is good, beautiful, true and that which binds us together in God’s love.

That person will simply refuse to accept instruction