24. Aug, 2017

Inclusivity: The Offer of Universal Salvation

The Cross Offers Salvation For All

Don’t be fooled. Catholics are not intolerant, bigoted people. We simply assent to the truth. That truth is God’s Truth because God is our Creator, our Saviour, and the One who calls us to eternal life 😊

The most inclusive act in human history that that of Jesus’s offering of himself in atonement for all. Catholics welcome all, but those welcomed must accept the reality of their dependant, created state. To enjoy a faithful relationship with Jesus a person must accept their need of salvation and must not kick against the simple truth that our lives are ordered to God.

Christian Inclusiveness Training

Thank you Lord for what you have done for each of us, and what you offer each of us. May we proclaim this truth to the world through our sharing in your priestly offering. Amen.