6. Oct, 2017

Are We Interested in the Promises of Christ?

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time A

The Gospel (Matthew 22:1-14) is saying the same thing as Jesus says more simply elsewhere: Put the kingdom of God 1st and everything else will be given to you. The setting is a wedding banquet, meaning we are invited to the wedding between Christ and his spouse; to the wedding between Jesus and us! So, give it up to God to be worthy of the nuptial promise of Christ to us, the Lords beloved.  

In contrast to giving their lives to God, the guys in the Gospel are fleeing their commitment in full pursuit of other interests: their own. Are we those people? Or are we those we front up, walk the talk and practice what we preach? Do we truly love Jesus? It’s not an easy answer – as often we fool ourselves and avoid the truth of how we really stand in our relationship with God.  

  • The tone of the Gospel is that we are not interested, or interested enough, in the promise of Christ to us.
  • The innuendo is that we also may have pursued false idols that we think will make us happy.

Let’s consider Jesus’ conclusion. “Many are called few are chosen.” This is a warning; warning us to reflect on what we are searching after in life and whether what we have set our heart on, will really make us happy. 

What Has God Promised Us?

It is important to know what we truly want and to know what actually makes us happy. We believe what God has promised us in Christ is what we should be seeking. That promise is the gift of new life that we will experience in a new and indescribable way. It involves our resurrection, our never dying, our eternal happiness 😊 The Gospel analogy is that of a wedding. The reading from Isaiah (25:6-10) talks of a banquet with the best of everything, where there are no tears, and we receive everything we could ever hope for. Pretty good, eh?

It is because of Jesus glory and excellence that God has given us such great and precious promises. These promises enable us to share his divine nature, and to escape the world’s corruption caused by human desires (2 Peter 1:4).

So, I reckon it’s better to choose God instead of our base human desires. I’m still interested in the promise of God to me and I don’t want to give that up.

Image: http://sportweasel.com/blog/a-good-word-isaiah-258/3/17/2013