18. Oct, 2017

All Saints

All Saints Day in Moora (upcoming children's Mass in November)


Today is “All Saints Day.” On this day we remember all the people who loved God, who have died, and who are now in heaven with Jesus and Mary. There is a great multitude, all dressed in white robes – meaning they are pure in heart. These people belong to God’s family in heaven!

God’s family is the biggest family ever. It’s our family. And we can find out about our huge family especially by reading the Bible. In the Bible we can even read about people who we never met and are still a part of our family – God’s family. For example, the Bible tells us about a man named Abraham who had great trust in God. Also, we hear about Moses who led God’s people out of slavery in Egypt and Queen Ester who saved the Jewish nation.

These holy men and women had great faith in God and so, God’s family grew. When they died, they went to be with God, longing for their family to one day be with them. Whilst on earth, their children continued the story of God’s family until they went to be with God.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. When Jesus was born a new story began: The Church was born, and heaven was declared open! We hear all about this in the new part of the Bible that tells us about Jesus and his family and friends like Mother Mary, John, James, Peter, and those other guys!

All the people we have talked about are called Saints because they were “set apart” for God’s holy/special purposes. They were set apart to build up God’s family. Saints were incredibly generous in doing what God asked of them!

The special thing about all these Saints is that they all needed Jesus. Without Jesus there would be no Church, which is the new family of God, and no heaven. You know what? The thing all Saints have in common is their love for Jesus. Even Abraham had to wait for Jesus. When he met the Lord, he loved him heaps 😊 All the Saints did, that’s why they were crying aloud “victory to our God and to Jesus!”

So, let us thank God for Jesus and let us thank Jesus for what he has done for us! But now, let’s stand up and profess the special things that All Saints in God’s family believe.


Not too late to become a Saint!

Whooh, it’s not too late to become a Saint! We know this because we have many examples of people who lived after Jesus, who tried their best to love him with all their heart, and do God’s will. They all have special stories and are all a part of God’s amazing family.

This year Pope Francis spoke about two very young Saints who lived in Portugal. Their names were Francisco and Jacinta and they were brother and sister. One day, whilst looking after their families’ sheep, they witnessed an apparition of Mary. Mother Mary gave these little children a big message for the whole world.

She asked them for their conversion, for their prayer (particularly the rosary), for sacrifices on behalf of sinners, and entrusted them with three secrets regarding the fate of the world. The children generously followed Mary’s requests, praying often, giving their lunch to beggars and going without food themselves. They offered up their daily crosses and even refrained from drinking water on hot days. They went to heaven about 98 years ago.

See how simple it is to become a Saint? All we have to do is what Jesus is asking of us.

Who is your favourite Saint?

What would God ask you to do to become a Saint?

Who wants to become a Saint?