28. Nov, 2017

Second Sunday in Advent

A voice of one crying out in the desert:
“Prepare the way of the Lord,
make straight his paths.”

Isaiah told the people to make a highway in the desert for their God. He told them to make the crooked ways straight and to make the rough places smooth. But John understood he wasn’t talking about a highway upon which God could travel. John understood that the prophesy was calling people to prepare their hearts to receive the Son of God who was to walk among them and live with them.

I want to read a (redacted) message from the mother of God to Fr Gobbi, about our preparing for the Eucharistic reign of Jesus that is prophesied to come. Central is our preparing to receive Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament in a worthy manner.

"My beloved children, continue to walk trustingly along the road on which your heavenly Mother is leading you. My plan is to transform you interiorly. The triumph of my Immaculate Heart cannot take place except in the triumph of my Son Jesus, who will reign once again in the hearts, and lives of each person and every nation.

But as Jesus is truly in Heaven, so also is He truly present on earth in the Eucharist: with his Body, his Blood, his Soul and his Divinity.

His glorious Reign will shine forth above all in the triumph of his eucharistic Person, because the Eucharist will once again be the heart and centre of the whole life of the Church.

Jesus in the Eucharist will become the focal point of all your prayer, which should be a prayer of adoration, of thanksgiving, of praise and of propitiation.

Jesus in the Eucharist will once again be the centre of all liturgical action, which will unfold itself as a hymn to the Most Holy Trinity, through the continual priestly action of Christ which will be carried out in the eucharistic mystery.

Jesus in the Eucharist will once again be the centre of your ecclesial gatherings, because the Church is his temple, his house which has been built above all that his divine presence may shine forth in your midst.

Beloved sons and daughters, in these present times the darkness has alas obscured even the Tabernacle; around it there is so much emptiness, so much indifference, so much negligence. Each day, doubts, denials and sacrileges increase. The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is wounded anew by his own, in his own House, in the very place where He has taken up his divine dwelling in your midst.

Become again perfect adorers and fervent ministers of Jesus in the Eucharist who, through you, makes himself again present, immolates himself anew and gives himself to souls. Bring everyone to Jesus in the Eucharist: by adoration, by communion and by a greater love.

Help everyone to approach the Eucharistic Jesus in a worthy manner, by cultivating in the faithful an awareness of sin, by inviting them to present themselves for the sacrament of Holy Communion in the state of grace, by educating them in the practice of frequent confession, which becomes necessary before receiving the Eucharist for those who are in mortal sin.

Beloved sons and daughters, build a dam to hold back the flood of sacrileges; never before as in these present times have so many communions been made in such an unworthy manner.

The Church is deeply wounded by the multiplication of sacrilegious Communions! The time has come when your heavenly Mother says: enough!

I myself will fill up the great void about my Son Jesus, present in the Eucharist. I will form a barrier of love about his divine presence. I myself will do this through you, beloved sons, whom I wish to set up as a guard of love round about all the tabernacles of the earth."

Reference: http://www.heartofmaryarabic.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/The-Blue-Book.pdf