12. Dec, 2017

Something is not right

Something is wrong in Rome

Reading Fr John Hunwicke’s blog “Will he never stop …” (http://liturgicalnotes.blogspot.com.au/2017/12/will-he-never-stop-2-pope-francis-our.html) I share his frustration about the current events unfolding in the Vatican.

 “What repeatedly ... it seems, almost daily !! ... irritates me about PF is his endless propensity to treat the Depositum Fidei, the Universal Church and what she has inherited from the Apostles or from the generations since, as something which is at his disposal to change, to criticise, or to mangle in any way that appeals to his personal whimsy at any particular moment. He is like a toddler who has been given toys to play with ... a big, boisterous and wilful child who likes to play with them rather roughly; whose commonest phrase is "I want ...". If anyone suggests that he should perhaps handle them rather more gently, he throws a tantrum. I am immensely sorry to have to write like this about Christ's Vicar but, ever since his election, PF has appeared to me to want attention to be drawn particularly to those parts of his personal 'style' which mark him as most radically different from his predecessors. A pope who disliked close scrutiny and the consequent criticism would keep the journalists and cameramen at a distance, say a very great deal less, and speak only after taking competent advice. An ecclesiastic who deliberately sollicits attention is ill-placed to complain if he gets it, nor can his sycophants plausibly do so on his behalf. This pontificate did not invent the unfortunate modern phenomenon of the celebrity pope, but it has shown how very dangerous and divisive that cult is.”

The weight of unfavourable commentary about Pope Francis is astonishing. The most recent is “The Dictator Pope.” What troubles me is the apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia, and the suggestion that whilst living in an objective state of sin, an individual can be in a state of grace (http://www.johnthebaptistmoora.com/346443107/4390078/posting/tradition-reveals-catholics-are-a-bunch-of-rigid-pharisees). Equally troubling is the way the Dubia Cardinals were treated by Pope Francis.

Something is not right, so I have decided to post the following video which has only been seen by 7 people, as yet. I do not know the source of the information. It may be from the book “The Dictator Pope,” however I keep ‘hearing’ similar content online.

I hope the information is false, but like the dubia, I would like a clarification of these issues …

St. Gallen Mafia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipFMSYPCAMY (click to watch).