29. Dec, 2017

Rome: A Loss of Clarity and the Loss of Faith in Pope Francis

Ongoing Dubia

Many Catholics are dumbfounded that Pope Francis has remained silent in the face of doctrinal confusion over communion to the divorced and remarried. Is Pope Francis angry and directional? Is he ostentatiously humble? Is he challenging Church doctrine?

The recent book The Dictator Pope is a corrective to the mass media image of the Pope. Is this image of an Argentinian dictator Pope so contrary to mainstream media biases that they have not reported widely on this book?

The following is a good podcast (click on the link below) raising important issues that need to be more publicly known.

'The Dictator Pope': Fact or fiction?

With Ed Condon and Dan Hitchens. Presented by Damian Thompson. https://audioboom.com/posts/6555345-the-dictator-pope-fact-or-fiction