6. Jan, 2018

Second Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Come and See

Last week we reflected on our faith in God that calls us to conversion, to practise virtue, and to allow Love to unite us to God through our offering ourselves to God.

This Sunday we step back to consider the broader notion of discipleship. In taking time to weigh up its pros and cons, we are in the best position to make a resolute decision for God. We hear that Samuel, and then the two disciples of John, make the radical decision to be open to God's call. What does this cost? What do we get?

Let’s focus on the disciples who take up Jesus’ invitation to come and see. This invitation is not merely to spend the day, but to begin a lifelong journey with the Lord ending in coming to share in God’s life and seeing God face-to-face.

Although the cost seems high, what we have to gain is beyond value. Notice how Jesus asked them, “What do you want?” In our following Jesus, the Lord wants us to know what we want. The Lord wants us to make up our mind first and then to follow him resolutely, without reservation.

We are open to God, but do we really know what we want from God. Have we made up our mind? Are we resolute? Are we radically open to God's call?

Discipleship comes at great cost. It is a discipline that involves the denial of everything that that hinders our following Jesus. It involves taking up our Cross after the example of the Lord whilst putting away our own ideas such as justice that we often take to mean what is fair according to me. Rather, true justice is loving and serving our God who gave us life.

Discipleship also involves paradoxes. For example (Ascent, John of the Cross):

  • To arrive at having pleasure in everything, desire to have pleasure in nothing.
  • To arrive at possessing everything, desire to possess nothing.
  • To arrive at being everything, desire to be nothing.
  • To arrive at knowing everything, desire to know nothing.

Following God without reservation is the cost of discipleship so it’s important we know why we are following Jesus. Of course the best reason is that we will have a personal relationship with the Lord here and now, let alone in the next life. Hopefully this is what we want. THE POINT IS, once we have made our decision, we are called to be resolute followers of Him.

As disciples we have everything to gain. Let us pray that we are open to God's call enough to be able to ‘come’ with Jesus the whole of our lives and, ultimately, ‘see’ God face-to-face. May Mother Mary help us journey in resolute faith.