25. Mar, 2018

Jesus is Risen!

Happy Easter!

Rejoice that Jesus is risen. This is God vindicating his Son. Although rejected by many the resurrection meant that Jesus was in the right and all that he said was true.

The women experience the mystery of the resurrection first, then the Apostles. Bottom line the tomb is empty, and Jesus is appearing to his disciples. In John’s Gospel we hear that ‘the disciple Jesus loved’ “saw, and he believed” (John 20:8). To believe without hesitation models our response to the resurrection. Let us believe and put our faith in God because as Christ was raised as the first of the harvest; then all who belong to him will be raised as well (1 Corinthians 15:23). Thanks be to God.

What Jesus has done has transformed the meaning of life (and suffering). By dying he destroyed our death, by rising he restored our life. Suffering and death are now transformed into being the place where life and God are found.

Rejoice all you faithful, the Lord is Risen. And with him we shall rise.


•   Death isn’t final, death has been conquered –Jesus beat it, and we will be raised to life with him.

•   The resurrection is ongoing, meaning that Jesus is ‘still’ risen among us. His love is still at work in our hearts and now Jesus is calls us to enter a deeper relationship with him, but by faith.

•   Life is not a dead end! Life continues, and even apparent tragedy will be resolved when we re-join our loved ones who have gone before us.

•   Because the resurrection is the promise of our future life we can be filled with hope in the present and committed to striving towards bringing about God’s kingdom! The resurrection should spur us on to improving things now.

Thanks be to God and to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Last, I want to convey the Archbishop’s Easter message. He says, “[m]y prayer for you all is that, through your celebration of Easter this year, you and your family and friends might experience the wonderful gift of the Lord’s Easter peace and become sharers of this gift with all those you meet.”

Importantly, his Grace makes two observations. First, “[i]f the gift of peace …does not seem to be very evident in our families, and our communities, and our society, perhaps it is at least partly because we are not open to the Lord’s wish to offer that gift to others through us.” Second. “In the end it is friendship with him which we offer to others. His friendship is the foundation of our peace.”

So, wishing to experience and share in the peace that the new life of Easter brings us, let us open our hearts once again to Jesus’s love for us so we may share his peace and love with the whole world.

Happy Easter my dear brothers and sisters and may the peace of the Lord be with you all.

Image: Pieter Lastman. The Resurrection https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pieter_Lastman_(Dutch_-_The_Resurrection_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg