14. Aug, 2018

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

We come to communion because we love Jesus

When you get up in the morning you must decide what to wear. It’d be shocking if you didn’t and went to school/work in your pajamas! Then more decisions. Tea, coffee, juice; toast or porridge. Decisions confront us every day. A human being is a deciding being. Some decisions are more important than others. It’s no so important to choose porridge over toast, but it is important to choose what is right over what is wrong. 

The readings are about making a decision. Israel proclaimed they were going to serve their Lord (good choice!). The second reading is similarly about making a covenant and being faithful to it (being faithful to Jesus, what could this mean?). And, in the Gospel Jesus questions the fidelity of the disciples. Will they choose to stay with or leave Jesus? 

On this day when we receive Jesus in Holy Communion we too are called to make a decision. For some it will be whether to continue to be followers of Jesus or will we go away after Mass and never come back to Church? For most, we will decide to recommit ourselves to being evermore faithful; to the Lord. 

It is always important to know why we make such and such a decision. Jesus’ decision to start his Church was made out of love. We hear that Jesus loves us with spousal love treating and loving us, his Church, as his beautiful bride! 

So, I say to everyone coming to communion – whether it’s for the 1st time or not – receive communion because you love Jesus. And if you love him you will come back to him (this is the litmus test). Coming to communion regularly is simply a reflection of our love for Jesus. 

To come to communion worthily our way of life needs to reflect an inner communion with Jesus. Communion means love. If we don’t have enough love to come to communion at church each week, then we need to confess our infidelity, and amend the way we live our life. Otherwise in coming to communion in a state of sin we commit sacrilege.  

Receiving communion also makes you fully a part of our family. In coming to Church, we also come to spend time with our brothers and sisters. 

Lastly, coming to Church may require sacrifice. For example, you may have to choose coming to receive Jesus on a Saturday night over watching tv or doing something else you like to do. You have to make the decision to love Jesus more than anything else in the world. His love for you is like that. 

Summing up. We come to communion because we love Jesus, because we want to spend time with our brothers and sisters, and because we want to be with Jesus more than anything else we could be doing. Congratulations in advance for making such a good decision.

Image: Fresco of a banquet at a tomb in the Catacomb of Saints Marcellinus and Peter, Via Labicana, Rome https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chalice#/media/File:Agape_feast_03.jpg