3. Oct, 2018

Constitution for Parish Pastoral Councils

Walking together in the footsteps of the Good Shepherd

“Parish Pastoral Councils are gathered by various means and in various forms in Catholic Parishes throughout Australia. They all have the single purpose of ensuring that the local church community, from among which they are called, has every possible opportunity to carry forward the mission of Jesus Christ. Thus the nature and function of the Parish Pastoral Council are drawn from the nature and mission of the Church, and its role in the Parish community is to make present the ‘servant leadership’ of Christ in collaboration with the overall pastoral leadership of the Parish Priest.”

Below are some key points regarding the new Constitution for Parish Pastoral Councils:

1. Constitutional Mandate

This Constitution is mandated by the Archbishop of Perth.

3. Name

The name of the Council shall be the Parish Pastoral Council of (name of the parish and suburb or town in which the Parish is located).

4. Role

A Council consists of the Parish Priest together with parishioners elected by the Parish community and those co-opted by the Parish Priest. The role of the Council is to promote the Church’s mission to live and communicate the love, values and teachings of Christ in our world. The Council shares in the responsibility for the ongoing life and development of the faith community, working together with parishioners to provide support for their efforts to live as followers of Christ.

5. Function

5.1 Pastoral issues, the core concern of the Council, are those that impact on the life of parishioners in the areas of

integration of their faith into everyday life — home, work and community • nourishment and support of their faith as they strive to live as faithful disciples of Jesus

outward focus for the development of a vibrant Christian community, actively engaged in Jesus’ mission of witness and service in the wider world.

5.2 Therefore, the key functions of the Council are

• to assist the apostolic work of the Church by promoting Christian formation of people and providing for them the means to achieve this

• to carefully evaluate information gathered in order to contribute towards the making of decisions that reflect the values of the gospel and the teachings of the Church

• to promote courses of study and reflection and any other initiatives which develop an understanding of the apostolate of the laity so that they can carry out their mission to the world at the Parish level and beyond

• to seek out and respond to the needs of people in the Parish and beyond and to involve the whole Parish in the response to these needs

• to set long-term and short-term pastoral goals for the Parish

• to develop a sense of Church beyond Parish boundaries and to stimulate a Christian response to local issues and the problems confronting our world

• to promote communication between all members, sectors and organisations of the Parish and wider community

• to co-operate and communicate with diocesan organisations and to support and promote the activities and services of these organisations.