20. Oct, 2018

All Saints School Mass

Who wants to become a Saint? All you have to do is God’s will. This means that you have to do what God wants instead of what you want to do. Okay, lets vote: Do you want to do what God wants and become a Saint? or do you want to do what you want and become a sinner?

Saint Mary MacKillop chose to do what God wanted. Above all, she is remembered for her eagerness to discover God's will in all things. What a good choice as God alone knows what will make us truly happy.

So, doing God’s will is the secret to becoming a Saint. I bet your teachers didn’t even know this! But I’d like to explore another way of looking at Saints. My favourite is Leopld Mandic. Saints are wise, and we see their wisdom in the way they live. So, another way of looking at Saints is considering the way they lived their life. Their life choices are full of wisdom and can teach us how we should live.

Back to my favourite Saint. Fr Leoplod was born in Herceg Novi, in Montenegro in 1866. He was short, only 135cms tall. He often got sick and generally couldn’t speak very well. His favourite Saint was St Francis.

He wanted to be a missionary priest to unite his Orthodox brothers and sisters but he ended a thousand miles away in Padua, Italy. God revealed to him that his real mission was to reconcile people to God and each other as a confessor. He heard confessions for up to ten hours a day, confessing daily himself. He was very merciful and through this ministry of God’s mercy he united people through absolving their sins.

Another thing he is known for is his devotion to Mother Mary. Somebody once remarked that Fr Leopold lived on the love of Mary. So it is that many saints have a huge love for Mary just like Fr Leopold.

St Leopold lived his in a way that his whole day revolved around the Holy Mass. It was the focal point of his life. And he knew his prayers would be answered because what he asked for was nothing compared to what he offered. His advice to priests was to live in terms of the Mass they celebrated, or the one they were to celebrate. For everyone else he recommended frequent communion as a sovereign aid to perfection.

He was a man of prayer, a man who loved both Jesus and Mary, a man who was compassionate and forgiving, a man who was humble, and a man filled with the love of God!

In addition to gift of reading hearts, he used to make many miracles. To a friend he explained why so many thousands of people came to him in the confessional. He said, “it’s not my fault they come with so much faith and God, on account of their faith, hears their prayers. How do I come into it?”

On 30 July 1942, while preparing for Mass, Fr Leopold collapsed on the floor. He was then brought to his room and given the last rites. Friars who had gathered at his bed began singing the Salve Regina and saw that Leopold died as they sang "O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary." He was proclaimed Saint in 1983 by Saint JPII.

Miracle worker and humble priest St Leopold pray for us that we may live like you in imitation of your great virtues of faith, humility, and love of God. Wise St Leopold pray for us that we may live like you in imitation of your life choices to go regularly to Mass, regularly to confession, and to honour the Holy Mother of God. St Leopold, lover of God’s will pray for us that we may live like you by seeking only to do the will of God. Amen