3. Nov, 2018

32nd Sunday/Remembrance Day

Be generous with what you have and trust God to provide for your needs

I was recently in Tanzania, East Africa. If I had chosen a poor, drought and famine affected area such as Somalia, and if I had gone there demanding to be fed whilst telling the people not to worry but to trust in God, would that be okay? That is pretty much what Elijah did by asking a mother for her, and her son’s, last scrap of food.

What he did would have be obscene if it were not a prophetic act; if his actions had not been a part of God’s saving intervention in the life of the widow and her son. So today we find a simple message in the first reading and in the Gospel: We should be generous with what we have whilst trusting God absolutely to provide for our needs. Or, even more simple – God gives for us to share.

God calls us to give all and to absolute trust. We won’t be caught short. For Christians this message can be translated to: Give without reserve and trust wholeheartedly in Jesus.

In the month of November we remember and pray for our loved ones who have gone to God. Today I invite you to reflect on the lives of your loved ones who have acted in the spirit of generosity and sacrifice, who have given without reserve and who trusted wholeheartedly in God. Today I invite you to again entrust them to God’s care. Today in particular we pray for Frank

Also today we remember and pray for those who have died whilst serving their country, giving without reserve and trusting in God. Those who have died in service of their country shall not grow old, we shall remember them. Today, on the 100th anniversary of those who served in the Great War, we entrust them all again to God’s care.

God continues to call us who remain to give all and to trust completely. May our loved ones who have gone to God also pray for us that we be like them in generosity and in their trust in God. Amen.