16. Dec, 2018

Fourth Sunday of Advent

The yes of faith: Not being afraid of doing God’s will

The focus of the readings is the yes of faith that needs to be spoken to God. Micah called it as it was. We had mucked up and had been abandoned by God until Mary gave birth.

Today we are to hear that Mary believed the promise made to her would be fulfilled. Also, Joseph believed, and God used his faith that Jesus may become the God who is with us (Immanuel).

God required and continues to require our faith to be a part of our lives. This is the bottom line. Like Mary, we say yes to something being born in us that must grow and mature and take a shape in a way that we cannot predict. We too are called to that depth of faith, as we contemplate the story of the Mary and Joseph.

But the second reading takes humanities yes further. Jesus himself says, “God, here I am, I’m coming to obey your will.” From the depth of our faith we are to say with Jesus, Joseph and Mary “God here I am. I say yes to your will. Because I know that you love me, I will obey you even if I am afraid of doing so.”

I think today comes down to the question of why we would prefer doing what we want instead of doing what God wants. God may be unpredictable but God knows better. And God knows what will make us happy.

Let us not be afraid of doing God’s will. God became man as a little vulnerable baby because God wants us to meet Him in littleness, and helplessness, that we couldn’t resist grasping Him to our bosom. God wants to share our lives. His desire is to be in our arms and hearts, and to hold us in His. Let us trust in Gods love. Let us trust in God’s plan. Let us say yes to doing Gods will. Let us say yes to our amazing God.

With faith like that of Mary may we believe that the promises of Christ made to us, will be fulfilled so that Christ may burn brightly in our hearts this Christmas.