10. Feb, 2019

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Blessed are you if you are not deceived!

Beatitude is the happiness that comes about when God’s promises come to fruition and are realised fully in the Kingdom of heaven. Although they are to be lived here and now, the hope which they hold is of a time beyond the history of this world. Therefore, Jesus’ logic that if “the world speaks well of you” you will be welcomed, but you’ll also be a false prophet.

Beatitude can only come to us when we trust in God and not in human resources. Indeed, we are cursed if we put our faith in man (1st reading). However recently, and more frequently, many curses have been brought upon us as we remove our hearts from God. An example is the approval of same-sex-marriage and the loss of trust in God’s plan for creation. The more frequent these episodes of apostasy of the creature from God, the more frequent is moral degeneration, natural disaster, and war.

Unfortunately, and as Mother Mary warned at Fatima, Akita, La Salette, Garabandal … the Church is also losing its faith. Remember the Gospel when Jesus himself questions us whether there will be any faith when he returns (Lk 18:8)?  

Last week Cardinal Müller, the fired head of the Congregation of the Faith, warned that the Church is going through its last trial, facing a great deception and religious delusion which is the price of the Church’s apostasy from the truth.

So today, as we reflect on beatitude i.e. what will make us blessed and happy we need to understand that the hope of attaining beatitude comes from our being faithful to God in the present. We must hunger for this kingdom of God knowing that even if we go without in this present age, we will be satisfied in the next.

We heard today, and it’s particular to Luke, that beatitude is something future oriented. In Matthew, beatitude is connected to the inner life of the individual. Both expressions of beatitude are related to our faith in Jesus Christ who has won this kingdom for us now, through faith (Matt), and fully in the life to come (Lk).

Do not be deceived when alternatives to happiness are proposed by the Church when it is suggested what we hope for in the future can come to us here and now through the effort of man. Don’t be deceived when the demand of upright, moral and future oriented living is relaxed and when nothing is seen to be immoral. Don’t be deceived when the Church tells you there is no hell, freeing you to do whatever you want in the present. Do not be deceived when the Church tells you that pluralism in religion is willed by God thus attenuating the demands of God in following our Lord Jesus Christ. Finally, trust not in human ways, but in the Divine Will. Please God. Amen.

See readings (Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time)  http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/021719.cfm