26. Feb, 2019

Perth Archbishop Timothy Costelloe ‘shocked, distressed’ by Cardinal George Pell guilty verdict

26 February 2019

Message from Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB Archbishop Perth


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Like many other people, both Catholics and others, I am shocked and distressed at the announcement of the guilty verdict handed down by the jury in Cardinal Pell's trial. I am deeply conscious of the distress this will cause for many, and the sense of justice achieved it will bring to others. I am aware that Cardinal Pell continues to vehemently protest his innocence and has indicated his intention to appeal the verdict. He is fully entitled to do so under Australian law. Until all legal processes have been concluded it would be inappropriate and inflammatory for me to make any further public comments about this matter.

Sexual abuse of children and young people is an abhorrent crime wherever, whenever and by whomever it is perpetrated. As I have done on many other occasions I would again strongly advise anyone who has allegations of child sexual abuse against any officials, clergy or otherwise, connected to the Catholic Church to report these matters to the police. The Catholic Western Australian Office of Professional Standards is able to assist anyone who seeks their assistance to do so.

Most Rev Timothy Costelloe SDB DD