27. Feb, 2019

Reflection: Are You Wise?

Wisdom brings up her own children and cares for those who seek her (see https://www.catholic.org/bible/daily_reading/?select_date=2019-02-27)

We are living in a world of intense pride and folly. People have no character; no habit of seeking the Truth, let alone Wisdom. 

For example, many people have condemned Cardinal Pell without any knowledge of the case against him. 

They can't articulate why there has been a suppression order and have not considered what the failure of the swimming pool trial may mean. 

They can't tell you about the two witnesses in the first case. 

They can't see the absurdity of what was alleged to have happened after it was said that Pell found them drinking red wine. 

First, the white altar wine was locked away. Even if Pell caught them how could he have physically done what was alleged with all those garments on? And as the defence pointed out, there's no way that could have happened in such a busy sacristy.

People have no character. Today people are not prepared to do the work required to inform themselves in a manner befitting their rational abilities. 

Wisdom requires a sustained effort in the pursuit of the Truth. Whoever seeks her and obeys her will judge rightly and with integrity. 

People have no character - instead of pursuing the Truth they judge according to their prejudices, not seeing the folly of their own whimsical lifestyle and the pride of thinking that they know better than anyone else. On whose account other than their own are they in the right? 

The point is, regardless of the guilt of Cardinal Pell, make an effort in your life to think things through and be guided not by your biases, but by the Truth. Then stand up and live by your convictions regardless of what the rest of the sheep are doing.

A person of character puts in the effort in the pursuit of Wisdom and then does the right thing by her.