14. Apr, 2019

Some Good News! Happy Easter

Dear Brothers and Sisters, “Christ, our hope, has risen!”

May the jubilant voice of the Church reach all of you with the words on the lips of Mary Magdalene, the 1st to encounter the risen Jesus on Easter morning. She ran to the other disciples and breathlessly announced: “I have seen the Lord!” We too, who have journeyed through the desert of Lent and the sorrowful days of the Passion, today raise the cry of victory: “He has risen! He has truly risen!”

Every Christian relives the experience of Mary Magdalene. It involves an encounter which changes our lives: the encounter with a unique Man who lets us experience all God’s goodness and truth, who frees us from evil not in a superficial and fleeting way, but sets us free radically, heals us completely and restores our dignity. This is why Mary Magdalene calls Jesus “my hope”: he was the one who allowed her to be reborn, who gave her a new future, a life of goodness and freedom from evil. “Christ my hope” means that all my yearnings for goodness find in him a real possibility of fulfilment: with him I can hope for a life that is good, full and eternal, for God himself has drawn near to us, even sharing our humanity.

But Mary Magdalene, like the other disciples, was to see Jesus rejected by the leaders of the people, arrested, scourged, condemned to death and crucified. So, it was to the utter amazement of all, on the dawn of the day after the Sabbath, the tomb is found empty. As Jesus then shows himself to Mary Magdalene, to the other women, to his disciples, faith is born anew! Easter faith is a faith in Jesus that is more alive and stronger than ever – now invincible since it is based on a decisive experience.

This decisive experience is Easter – the defeat of death, the forgiveness of sins, the conquest of good over evil; of love over hatred. Jesus is vindicated, our Lord is victorious. This is the good news of Easter.

Dear Brothers and sisters Jesus is risen and with him, we shall rise. Something truly new happened something that changed the state of humanity and the world. Jesus is someone in whom we can put absolute trust because the Risen One does not belong to the past, but is present today, alive. Through faith the Risen Lord is among us now! His is present and his love is at work in our hearts. Trust is his love and presence in your life. Trust that Jesus is taking care of you, your family and your concerns.

Rejoice! The risen Lord is among us now and forever. He has conquered death, he died for the forgiveness of sins so we may rise with him to new life. Good has conquered evil, love has defeated hatred and life is to be had to the full because Jesus is vindicated, our Lord is victorious. This is good news! Happy Easter 😊

Modified version of Easter Sunday Message by Pope Benedict http://w2.vatican.va/content/benedict-xvi/en/messages/urbi/documents/hf_ben-xvi_mes_20120408_urbi-easter.html