7. May, 2019

"The most terrible schism the world has ever seen"


(by Roberto de Mattei ) On February 4, 2019, in Abu Dhabi, Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al Azhar Ahmad Al-Tayyeb signed a document on human fraternity for world peace and common coexistence . The declaration opens in the name of a God who, if it must be common, cannot be anything other than the Allah of the Muslims.

The God of Christians, in fact, is one in his nature, but three in his persons, equal and distinct, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. From the time of Arius onwards, the Church fought against the anti-Trinitarians and the deists who denied, or put aside this mystery, the highest of Christianity. Islam instead rejects him with horror, as the suracalled "of sincere worship" proclaims : " He, God, is one! God, the Eternal! He neither begat nor was born, and no one is equal to him! "( Koran 112, 2, 4).

In reality, in the Abu Dhabi declaration the cult is not given neither to the God of the Christians nor to that of Islam, but to a secular divinity, the "human brotherhood", " which embraces all men, unites them and makes them equal ». We are not facing the "spirit of Assisi", which in its syncretism recognizes however the primacy of the religious dimension over the secularist one, but to an affirmation of indifferentism.

At no point in fact, there is a reference to a metaphysical foundation of the values ​​of peace and brotherhood to which we are constantly referred. The document, when it states that " pluralism and diversity of religion, color, sex, race and language are a wise divine will, with which God created human beings ", does not profess the ecumenism condemned by Pius XI in the Mortalium animos (1928), but the religious indifferentism condemned by Leo XIII in the encyclical Libertas (June 20, 1888), which defines him « the doctrinal system that teaches everyone to be free to profess the religion he likes and also to do not profess any ».

In the Abu Dhabi declaration, Christians and Muslims submit to the cardinal principle of Freemasonry, according to which the values ​​of freedom and equality of the French Revolution should find their synthesis and fulfillment in the universal brotherhood. Ahmad Al-Tayyeb, who drafted the text together with Pope Francis, is a hereditary sheik of the Sufi brotherhood of Upper Egypt and, within the Islamic world, Al Azhar, the university of which he is rector, it is characterized by its proposal of the Sufi esotericism, as an "initiatory bridge" between the masonry of East and West (see Gabriel Mandel, Frederick II, Sufism and Freemasonry , Tipheret, Acireale 2013).

The document asks in an insistent and repetitive way " to the Leaders of the world, to the architects of international politics and the world economy ", " to the intellectuals, to the philosophers, to the men of religion, to the artists, to the operators of the media and to the men of culture », To strive to spread« the culture of tolerance, coexistence and peace », expressing« the strong conviction that the true teachings of religions invite us to remain anchored to the values ​​of peace; to uphold the values ​​of mutual knowledge, human brotherhood and common coexistence ".

These values, it is reaffirmed, are the " anchor of salvation for all ". Therefore, « the Catholic Church and al-Azhar », ask that « this Document become the object of research and reflection in all schools, universities and educational and training institutes, in order to help create new generations that bring good and peace and defend the right of the oppressed and the last everywhere ».

On 11 April, in Santa Marta, in the Vatican, the Abu Dhabi document was sealed with a symbolic gesture. Francis prostrated himself on the ground before three political leaders in Sudan, and kissed their feet, begging for peace. This gesture expresses the submission to political power and the rejection of the Regality of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Who represents Christ, in whose name every knee bends in the heavens and on the earth ( Philippians 2:10 ), must receive the homage of men and nations and pay no tribute to anyone.

The words of Pius XI resound in the encyclical Quas primas (1925): " Oh, what happiness we could enjoy if individuals, families and society let themselves be governed by Christ! Then really, to use the words that Our Predecessor Leo XIII addressed twenty-five years ago to all the Bishops of the Catholic world, so many wounds could be healed, then every right would regain the ancient strength, the goods of peace would return, they would fall from the hands the swords, when all willingly accepted the empire of Christ, obeyed him, and every language proclaimed that our Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of God the Father ".

Even the gesture made by Pope Francis in Santa Marta denies a sublime Christian mystery: the Incarnation, Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the only Savior and Redeemer of humanity. By denying this mystery, we deny the saving mission of the Church, called to evangelize and civilize the world. Will the Synod on the Amazon which will open next October be a new stage in this rejection of the Church's mission, which is also the rejection of the mission of the Vicar of Christ? Will Pope Francis kneel before the representatives of indigenous peoples? Will he ask them to pass on to the Church the tribal wisdom they carry?

What is certain is that, three days later, on April 15, the cathedral of Notre Dame, a plastic image of the Church, burned down and the flames devoured its spire, leaving its base intact. Does this not mean that, despite the collapse of the Church's leadership, its divine structure resists, and nothing can demolish it? A week later, another event shook Catholic public opinion. A series of attacks, provoked by the followers of the same religion to which Pope Bergoglio submits, have transformed Easter of Resurrection into a day of Passion for the universal Church, with 310 deaths and over 500 wounded.

Fire has consumed, before the bodies, the illusions of those Catholics who, with applause and guitars, sing the alleluja, while the Church lives its Friday and Holy Saturday. Some might argue that the Sri Lankan bombers, despite being Muslims, do not represent Islam. But not even the Imam of Al Ahzar, who signed the peace and brotherhood document, represents all of Islam. Pope Francis on the other hand certainly represents the Catholic Church. Until?

There is no true brotherhood outside of the supernatural, which does not arise from the bond with men, but with God ( 1 Thessalonians,  1,4). Likewise, there is no possible peace outside Christian peace, because the source of true peace is Christ, Wisdom incarnate, who " came to announce peace to you who were far away, and to those who were near " ( Ephesians 2, 17). Peace is a gift of God, brought to humanity by Jesus Christ, Son of God and sovereign of heaven and earth.

The Catholic Church he founded is the supreme depository of peace, because it is the guardian of truth and peace is founded on truth and justice. Neo-modernism, implanted at the top of the Church, preaches a false peace and a false brotherhood. But false peace brings war into the world, just as false brotherhood leads to schism, which is war within the Church.

San Luigi Orione had dramatically predicted it on June 26, 1913: " With modernism and semi-modernism one does not end - it will go sooner or later to Protestantism or to a schism in the Church that will be the most terrible that the world has ever seen" ( Scritti , vol. 43, p. 53) (Roberto de Mattei).