18. May, 2019

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Homily on the Current Crisis in the Church

What a wonderful Gospel. It’s a shame this love that Jesus teaches us isn’t more prevalent in our world. Although loving one another as Jesus loved us is a big ask it’s possible with goodwill and the Lord’s grace. I think people don’t tend to choose this lifestyle because they think they’ll miss out. If I’m selfless like Jesus what about me? In the end we don’t trust in God, and value God’s promise enough, to be able to overcome our selfish ways. Otherwise our world would be different.

Sadly, the world is different to what God wants and our Church as well. For a long time Our Lady has warned the Church about its infidelity to her Son, resulting in the spreading of errors and compromises with the ‘world.’ For the last six years under Pope Francis the amount of confusion over doctrine and compromised practices relating to the Eucharist has led to many attempts asking the Holy Father to clarify his teaching. Many are wondering Mary’s warning at La Salette and Fatima are being fulfilled: Rome will lose the Faith and become the seat of the Antichrist.

Unfortunately, Pope Francis refuses to clarify his teaching over doctrine. What is equally alarming is that the Holy Father is currently setting up a new agency in the Church to put Evangelization before Doctrine. However, as Cardinal Müller points out, without doctrine and moral teaching, “there is no evangelization.” Alternately, what sort of community are we being evangelized into?

This is a scary question. Can we find the answer in the warning of Metropolitan Nikolai of Plovdiv of Bulgaria? He characterised Pope Francis as the one whose goal “is to unite all the religions around the [him], so that when the Antichrist comes, for the pope to welcome him, and through him, all who are coming along with him.”

Francis tells Catholics that it is not necessary for one to believe in God in order to be a good person; not to convert those of other faiths but to live in brotherhood with those of other faiths; and that God wills the diversity of religions. Instead of preaching salvation in the name of Jesus Christ Pope Francis is pushing for steps toward a global authority that supersedes the rights of individual countries. He recently stated, “When a supranational common good is clearly identified, it is necessary to have a special authority legally … constituted capable of facilitating its implementation. We think of the great contemporary challenges of climate change, new forms of slavery and peace.” His predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI, warned expressly against this “in order not to produce a dangerous universal power of a tyrannical nature” (Caritas in Veritate, 57). And think about it – not a word about God and this stress on climate change. Didn’t we hear in the 2nd reading that God is going to renew the whole of creation?

If you don’t know, Pope Francis has been accused of heresy. Most believe this accusation is without proper grounds, but briefly the points are: 1. Sometimes we have essentially no choice but to sin. 2. we can knowingly and willingly go against God’s law, without that being a serious sin 3. sometimes following God’s law actually amounts to committing a sin so our individual conscience must be our guide 4. in certain situations, sexual acts that meet the criteria for adultery are actually what God wants us to do 5. some sexual acts not between man and wife are still morally right 6. there are no moral acts that are intrinsically evil in every situation 7. God positively wants there to be multiple religions, beside Christianity.

If some of these points seem familiar, they are! There have been at least 14 attempts to ask Pope Francis for clarification on his teaching.

So, what is ahead? Pope Francis will likely ignore the claims of heresy. The tide of disruptive reform and lack of clarity led Cardinal Müller to warns us that “We will soon not recognize the Church anymore when the adaptation to the decline of morality is being presented as a synodal process. Only she will not be different, she will cease to exist, at least in those regions, where false prophets are setting the tone.”

Our Lady has told us that following the spread of errors is persecution of the Church. Sri Lanka is a sign of what is to follow. But God will intervene. The warning that Our Lady tells us of is to prevent the complete destruction of the Church.

In between now and God’s warning –the illumination of our consciences– we are being told of an evil Synod, the increase of wars, fratricidal struggles, violence and hatred; and a general slackening off of charity while natural catastrophes, such as famines, floods and earthquakes, become more and more frequent. There is even the prophesy of the rise of communism. That is why the conversion of Russia was so central to the Fatima message.

What can we do? We have the Mass. Ultimately it is the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist that is preventing satan from overrunning the Church. Our worthy participation at Mass is the best thing we can do because God values the Sacrifice more than anything else in this world!

Here also a word of warning. Pope Francis made a huge thing out of Martin Luther on his 500th anniversary. He was excommunicated for heresy. If Catholic Church introduce Luther’s doctrine and the Mass became protestant, the perpetual Sacrifice would be abolished. Then the end would come. We need to pray that the upcoming Amazon Synod does not consider protestant solutions to the ongoing crises in our Church. Scarily the German pro-homosexual Bishop Overbeck claims that the Amazonas synod will be a turning point for the whole church. God forbid.

As I’ve repeatedly said, God wins in the end! Don’t be afraid of what is to come. Rather, let us joyfully and prayerfully prepare ourselves to enter into and perpetuate the Sacrifice where Jesus laid down his life for us by giving up his Body and pouring out his Blood.