31. May, 2019

Draft letter opposing WA's proposed euthanasia bill

The Honourable ___ MLA

May 2019

Dear ___

Voluntary Euthanasia Bill

I am writing to express my concern about the proposed Voluntary Euthanasia Bill to legalise assisted dying.

Christians recently commemorated Good Friday, which is a celebration of love, not suffering. Christians believe that being open to the life won for us (by this unfathomable act of God’s Love) makes human suffering meaningful and valuable because it then becomes redemptive.

In suffering the human heart has the capacity to be transformed after the image of the Sacred Heart. So, although suffering is unavoidable, when it is united with Jesus’ Sacrifice even the worst suffering bears eternal fruit.

With this in mind let us heed the words of Archbishop Costelloe who reasons that “doctor-assisted suicide and euthanasia are never acceptable in a truly compassionate society. Compassion is the ability of one person to accompany another caringly through their journey of pain and suffering” (24 August 2018). Ending that journey prematurely would jeopardise a person’s final passover into eternal life and represents a false understanding of mercy and compassion.

The other aspect assisted dying is that the assistant breaks the Judeo-Christian commandment not to kill.

I urge you to oppose this bill.

Yours Faithfully