28. Jun, 2019

The Great Warning and Miracle


God, soon, sooner than expected, will send the world a warning. This Great Warning will be seen and felt by the whole world and comes directly from God. It will consist of an event in the sky that will be accompanied by an intense light, along with a great burning fire that will scourge the whole earth. We will see in that light, the state of our soul, as God sees it, and we will see what we have done wrong and what we have stopped doing. 

As will be?

It will be a kind of particular judgment in life. It is an event that has been prophesied by mystics and Saints for a long time, as well as by the Blessed Virgin Mary in some of her appearances (the best known is that of Garabandal).

According to the testimony of Conchita, one of the seers of Garabandal:

«This warning is linked to a phenomenon of nature, that this name exists in the dictionary and begins with the letter A. The warning is something that comes directly from God and can be seen all over the world at the same time, what will be like a relationship of our sins and will be seen and experienced, both by believers and non-believers and by people of all religions. The warning is like a purification to prepare ourselves for the miracle, which we prefer to be dead before experiencing the experience of the warning, that this warning will be a correction of the conscience of the world and those who do not know Christ, that is, those who are not Christians, They will believe that it is a warning from God. The most important thing of that day is that all the people of the world will see a sign, a grace or a punishment, inside of themselves, in other words a warning. It will also show us the good that we have stopped doing and the sins of omission will be the sins that weigh us the most. »

Why a Notice?

What is the purpose of this extraordinary event of the Great Warning ?. Or saying it in another way, what is happening in the world that justifies and explains the event of the great day of the illumination of consciences? Undoubtedly, the most characteristic feature of today is the crisis of faith, the dreadful dechristianization of society. We live in a world deeply marked by indifference. Every day there is a greater number of men and women who live practically without God, dominated by an aggressive secularism and materialist ideologies. Since the Church is the only body that tries to interpellate consciences, becoming the last bastion of truth and good, reminding society that there is a Divine Law, all secularist attacks are launched against it, in the name of freedom,.

However, one wonders if, after this devastating phenomenon of dechristianization, there is some hidden force, an invisible, intelligent power that manages the threads from the shadow, a shrewdly planning strategist that leads destructive plans of the Church, provoking opposing ideologies, causing phenomena adverse, promoting anti-Christian structures, and yes, that power in the shade, that evil force that conspires against the Church to cause its demolition, is embodied by the devil. Obviously the Great Warning is the opposing force that in the Plan of God represents the remedy of heaven before that diabolical strategy of demolishing all Christian principles in society.

There has been the worldization of Christian society and the consciences of Christians have fallen asleep and accommodated to this hedonistic and materialistic society, which rejects everything that sounds like conversion and change of life and heart. When will we wake up Christians and understand the urgency of our times?

When will the Notice come?

We do not know the date, Mari Loli knew it (one of Garabandal's seers) and took it to heaven. Conchita does not know the day of the Warning, but she knows the day of the Miracle and will notify with 8 days in advance. We also know that the warning will occur in the period of 365 days before the Miracle and we also know some precursor signs that can give us clues to be prepared, because although the Virgin did not want us to know the day, as Mother if she wants us to be prepared. The time in which the warning will occur will be a time of great confusion, of great confusion for the world, of great confusion for the Church. Today, this sign, this great sign of the times, we are already living it.

To give an example, there are people who call themselves Catholics, who call themselves Catholics and who, on the other hand, say they are saying that Pope Francis is false and do not want to listen to what the prophets of our day are saying, such as a great prophet is Benedict XVI. The same Benedict XVI in an interview, has declared that he would have preferred to be called Father Emeritus instead of Pope Emeritus and that knowing that there are people who are saying that Pope Francis is false, he answered in that interview, that the true Believer knows that Pope Francis is true, he is the Pope. But this is just a sign of the great confusion that exists in the church. We also know that within the Church there are people in open disobedience, there is even a part of the hierarchy in outright disobedience, 

We also know that when the Warning occurs, we will be in an environment of religious persecution and although there are important signs of persecution of Christians, of persecution of the Catholic Church, of threats to the Holy Father in the Vatican, it has not yet been given that circumstance, we have not reached the extreme of not being able to go freely to the churches as revealed by one of the seers of Garabandal. 

The Great Miracle

This "warning" will serve to purify humanity and prepare it for the great "Miracle" so that we can receive enough grace to change our lives and guide them towards God. The Miracle will occur on a Thursday, between the months of March and May and in a maximum interval of twelve months after the Warning. It will happen in "the pines" that there is at a height of about 300 meters above the town. If after the Warning and the Miracle the world is still not converted, then "the Punishment" will come. 

In the Call of Love and Conversion of May 25, 2014, the Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, explains the three phenomena:

"Here is a great sign, like the collapse of two planets, like the light of a star that will be seen and felt by all spiritually, each soul, essence, and conscience, will see all the wrong they have done (1 Corinthians 4, 5 ), they do and will do in the future, each soul will feel shame and pain for the sin seen as God has seen Our Lord, many people will die physically of moral pain and others will despair (Revelation 6, 16), the true children of Mary they will suffer also, but for them it will not be destruction, but a purification, after that there will be great miracles in the Marian Shrines, places of great manifestations of GOD, but if the world remains the same and does not change, then the Divine Justice will fall. »

Conchita, gave several interviews after the apparitions and revealed some aspects related to the Miracle:

"  God was going to make a great Miracle and that there would be no doubt that it was a Miracle. It will come directly from God, without human intervention. The day will come and the Virgin told me the day, month and year, so I know the exact date. »

«  The Virgin said that all those who were present will believe. You will see that it comes directly from God. All sinners who are present will be converted. In addition, from that moment a permanent signal will be recorded in the pines that everyone will be able to see and touch but not feel. That signal will last until the consummation of the centuries. »

«  The Miracle of Garabandal will coincide with a great event in the heart of the Church. It is a singular fact in the Church that occurs on rare occasions and has never happened in my life. It is nothing new or extraordinary, it is simply something weird, like the definition of a dogma, something that will affect the whole Church. It will happen the same day as the Miracle, but not as a consequence of it, but as a coincidence. »

«  The Virgin said that all those who were present there, in Garabandal, that day, will see it. The sick people who are there will be cured, whatever the illness they suffer or the religion they profess. But they will have to be there. »

"  When all stop coming up, when nobody believes it, then will you do the Miracle? ... then the Miracle will come ... when the whole world stops believing; nor will the priests believe it, nor will anyone believe it, ... then will the Miracle come? »

We can conclude from these keys that Conchita has given that the Miracle is closely related to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the proclamation of the Fifth Marian Dogma.

"  This great miracle, my son, will consist in the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of My Mother that will bring the Reign of My Holy Spirit in all hearts. » 

The fact that all sinners are converted on the day of the Miracle coincides with the Revelation that the Virgin Mary has done to Manuel de Jesús. The Virgin communicated to her that each Shrine to which she has to make a pilgrimage has a special gift for these times and that of Garabandal is that of radical conversion, as will happen on the day of the Miracle to the sinners present.

«I will send you to the shrines where I have manifested myself, because in each of them there is a special gift for these times. In Fatima the reparation, in Garabandal, the radical conversion, and in the Called, consecration. Repair, purify and then live as apostles of the Heart of Mary. »

Finally, on October 26, 2014, Manuel de Jesús had a vision of the Great Miracle of Garabandal, which is a Grace obtained through the Intercessory Corredeming of the Virgin Mary.

«I had a vision. I saw my Guardian Angel, Miguel (he does not mean the Archangel San Miguel). He walked towards me, then extended his hand forward and showed me a mountain. There were trees. 

There was a white flash, bright. A large White Cross was formed and I was told:

You are seeing the great awakening of consciences, where the souls of all those dead without grace will be resurrected. It is the presence of the Lamb that takes away the sins of the world. There will be many corporal cures on that day but spiritual miracles will be the most important. 

This grace is obtained through the Intercessory Corredeming of Mary. This sign will be given by Mediation of His Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart for the salvation of many souls »

How should we prepare?

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, in private revelation to Manuel de Jesus, speaks of the Great Warning:

«Each and every one will see the rejection that they have caused to God with their sins! That is the Great Warning. At that time they will not have the Holy Spirit. They will see such and such has been their sin. Now you are going to confess and are assisted by the Holy Spirit that softens the pain of the soul to recognize it, but not at that moment, because you will see just what your sin is, and the pain that you have caused to God. »

Our Mother says that everyone is afraid of the prophesied events, but She reassures us and tells us how to prepare: 

«For My Children, this is not a punishment, it is a Grace. That it be revealed to you what you have done wrong, it is a Grace! You must now live the Great Warning by making good confessions. »

From now on we can advance our Great Warning by making good confessions. The best way to prepare for this event is to let ourselves be guided by our Mother. And the Great Warning is an act of mercy and love. Our Blessed Mother has obtained from the Father, together with the Son, with the action of the Holy Spirit, the gift of the Great Warning. Her Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart as Coredemptrix gives souls that Grace. The Great Warning is a grace. We all think that the Great Warning is disastrous, it is terrible, it will be a painful moment and it makes us afraid to think about it and Jesus and our Heavenly Mother in their Holy messages do not want us to be afraid because the warning is not to be afraid. The warning is a loving correction of a father who loves his children.

The Virgin Mary in her Call of Love and Conversion of March 21, 2016 , explains in detail that the Warning is a Grace of her Corredemption, it is a judgment full of love, for humanity to repent, but the current polarization between good and bad, from that day will be sharpened, because as our Mother assures us, many people will not accept this Grace and will get worse from life and not only that, because of anger and badness they will direct their hatred against the faithful of the Church.

All that heaven will allow for us is the best for us, because heaven wants to save souls, but we human beings are the ones who put our will so hard and so lacking in love for God and salvation. The Great Warning should receive it as a gift from the Coredemptrix and live it from now on in each confession, cleansing the heart and conscience so that the Holy Spirit that inhabits us does not become sad with our sins.

The Great Warning puts us there, in the good and in the bad, and after that it will be up to us to decide consciously, to go for the Jesus, or to go for the enemy.

"It is time to wake up from sleep because now salvation is closer to us than when we embrace the faith. The night is advanced, the day is near: let us leave the works of darkness and let us put on the weapons of light. »

Romans 13, 11-12