31. Jul, 2019

Francis: “Jesus does not do magic; he does not turn the five breads into five thousand”

The German edition of Vatican News (translated article below) suggests that Pope Francis denies the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves because Jesus does not perform "magic." What is next? With this subtle denial(?) of Jesus’ miracle are we headed for changes in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass? Certainly, Francis emphasises that we receive the Eucharist so we may share/give ourselves to others.

  • There is no sacrifice, just communal sharing which is the Holy Father’s point – the real miracle is a mindset of sharing existing resources among each other.

The question now is, will the abomination of desolation (meaning the end of the Sacrifice of the Mass) come about due to changes in the celebration of the Eucharist? Will the Eucharist be reduced to a celebration of Jesus' love that is memorialised by his sharing his last meal? If so, literally all hell will break loose. 


Pope Francis: The multiplication of bread was not ...

It is one of the best-known stories in the Bible: the wonderful bread multiplication. But at his Corpus Christi celebration in the Roman suburb of Casal Bertone, Pope Francis drew attention to an astonishing circumstance on Sunday evening: there is no question of "augmenting" in the biblical narrative!

"It does not emphasize multiplication, but sharing," said Francis to several thousand people attending his Mass in the main square of the neighborhood.

"It's important: Jesus does not do magic, he does not turn the five breads into five thousand, and then say, 'Distribute them now.' Jesus prays, blessing these five loaves and begins to break them with confidence in the Father. And these five breads do not go out anymore. It is not magic; it is trust in God and in His providence. "

Do not have but give is the deciding factor

"In the world" you are always looking for "increase in profits, for sales increase," continued the Pope. "Yes, but for what purpose? To give or to have? To share or to accumulate? "Not having but giving in Christianity is the deciding factor. That's why Jesus called on his disciples to give people food.

"What we have brings fruit, if we give it - that's what Jesus wants us to say -; and it does not matter if it's little or not. The Lord is doing great things with our poverty, as with the five breads. He does miracles not with spectacular actions but with modest things, breaking, giving, distributing, sharing with his hands. "

Love does great things with little things

Love do great things with little things as well, teach us the Eucharist. "Simple and essential as broken and divided bread, the Eucharist that we receive communicates to us the mindset of God. And it makes us give ourselves to others. "

The Pope invited his audience to accept the mindset of God and share their little with their fellow man. Rome is a "city that is hungry for love and care, suffering from decay and neglect" and in which many lonely people or families live in difficulties. "Your little is much in the eyes of Jesus if you do not keep it for yourself if you risk it."

(Vatican news)