20. Aug, 2019

Heart wrenching pleas from the Mother of God

To the Priests Our Lady's Beloved Sons

4. The reason for my tears 

The reason for my tears, for a Mother's tears, is my children who, in great numbers, live unmindful of God, immersed in the pleasures of the flesh, and are hastening irreparably to their perdition…  

Above all the cause of my weeping is the Priests: those beloved sons, the apple of my eye, these consecrated sons of mine. Do you see how they no longer love Me? How they no longer want Me?  

Do you see how they no longer listen to the words of my Son? How they frequently betray Him? How Jesus present in the Eucharist is ignored by many, left alone in the tabernacle; often sacrilegiously offended by them, with wanton negligence? 

141. You too beget my Son 

But just as then, in the little Baby, so too now in the consecrated Host, the real presence of the Son of God is to be found.  

On this hallowed night, my Mother's Heart is once again torn to see how widespread, even among Priests, are the doubts concerning the divine presence of my Son Jesus in the mystery of the Eucharist.  

And thus indifference towards the Sacrament of the Eucharist spreads, adoration and prayer are snuffed out, and the sacrileges of those who approach it in a state of mortal sin increase day by day

176. Jesus in the Eucharist  

But as Jesus is truly in Heaven, so also is He truly present on earth in the Eucharist: with his Body, his Blood, his Soul and his Divinity… 

Jesus in the Eucharist will become the focal point of all your prayer…  

Jesus in the Eucharist will once again be the centre of all liturgical action… 

Jesus in the Eucharist will once again be the centre of your ecclesial gatherings…  

Beloved sons, in these present times the darkness has alas obscured even the Tabernacle; around it there is so much emptiness, so much indifference, so much negligence. Each day, doubts, denials and sacrileges increase. The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is wounded anew by his own, in his own House, in the very place where He has taken up his divine dwelling in your midst.  

Become again perfect adorers and fervent ministers of Jesus in the Eucharist who, through you, makes himself again present, immolates himself anew and gives himself to souls.  

Bring everyone to Jesus in the Eucharist: by adoration, by communion and by a greater love.  

Help everyone to approach the Eucharistic Jesus in a worthy manner, by cultivating in the faithful an awareness of sin, by inviting them to present themselves for the sacrament of Holy Communion in the state of grace, by educating them in the practice of frequent confession, which becomes necessary before receiving the Eucharist for those who are in mortal sin.  

Beloved sons, build a dam to hold back the flood of sacrileges; never before as in these present times have so many communions been made in such an unworthy manner.  

The Church is deeply wounded by the multiplication of sacrilegious Communions! The time has come when your heavenly Mother says: enough!

294. In Cenacle with Me 

The emptiness, the abandonment and the neglect with which Jesus, present in the Eucharist, is surrounded. Too many sacrileges are being committed by those who no longer believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, and by those who go to Holy Communion in a state of mortal sin, without going to Confession anymore. 

330. Mother of the Eucharist 

But above all it is the sacrileges which today form a painful crown of thorns about My Immaculate Heart.  

There are so many Communions; and so many sacrileges committed in these times! It can be said that now there is no eucharistic celebration where sacrilegious Communions are not made.  

If you could only see with My eyes how great this wound is, which has contaminated the whole Church and is paralysing it, bringing it to a halt, making it impure and so very sick. 

602 Open the Doors to Christ 

Today my Heart bleeds to see how sacrilegious communions are spreading more and more because many come to receive Jesus in the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin, without having gone to confession.