3. Sep, 2019



For Catholics, the panorama in the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church is becoming increasingly dark.

The leftist offensive being prepared through the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon foreshadows a true revolution, not only in the way we understand the Church but one with apocalyptic repercussions for the entire world order.

The recently published Instrumentum laboris, the document that defines the agenda of this Synod, is truly scary! It could more appropriately be called, “Preparatory Document for Vatican III”, as the Pan-Amazon Synod is for Vatican II what Vatican II was for the Council of Trent.

In other words, the explosion of pastoral and doctrinal changes that the Second Vatican Council unleashed in the Church will now be repeated with the launching of the ‘Amazonian Church’, but in a much more serious and radical context. The so-called “hermeneutic of continuity,” already untenable, simply evaporates.

To understand better, it is necessary to go back to the pontificate of Pope Saint Pius X, who devoted his life to combat modernism, a heresy that, according to him, contained all heresies.

After Saint Pius X, the fight against modernism began to slacken and give way to the gradual emergence to the so-called “progressivism,” a doctrine that is none other than modernism in a new and fallacious packaging.

At the same time, a sentimental softening entered into the souls of Catholics, removing their combativity and replacing it with a surrendering, compromising and sweetened mentality, which gradually increased until the Second Vatican Council.

Once Catholics had been sufficiently softened up, progressives were able to launch the “novelties” of Vatican II and proceed with a growing disfigurement of the Catholic spirit and mentality. Liberation Theology gained momentum and the Catholic Left became very strong.

Some of the faithful were scandalized by progressivism and rejected it. As an alternative, instead of traditional Catholic spirituality, they were offered a charismatic approach borrowed from American Pentecostal Protestants.

This change in the Church scandalized many Catholics of weak faith, who for lack of profound convictions preferred to abandon it and join Protestant denominations.

Church pastors have done nothing relevant to bring back the sheep, since the Catholic Left teaches that it is just fine to change one’s religion. As a result, from the Second Vatican Council until today, the percentage of Brazilian Catholics in relation to the country’s population decreased from 97% to just over 50%, as most pastors looked on with indifference. There is even a prohibition to proselytize, that is, to do apostolate in order to bring back the lost sheep.

At the same time, a large proportion of the clergy became more and more disfigured, lost its sacrality, respectability and sanctity, and became more and more friendly with the old wolves decimating the flock.

News of egregious moral scandals given by a large number of clergymen fill newspapers in many countries, further baffling the sheep.

With deep sadness, we see the present pontificate strewn with oddities, taking continually perplexing attitudes, and often issuing statements contrary to traditional doctrine, thus sowing in souls a general doubt about what really is the Catholic Church, its true and immutable principles, and begging the question: What is right? What is wrong?

It is precisely in the midst of this religious chaos that a Synod is convoked that will launch a new church totally adapted to the tribal life of the Indians. And as the Synod leaders themselves have announced, this new phase will be applied to the Church throughout the world. This is the announcement of a profound revolution that will entirely destroy the true idea of ​​the Church in most Catholics, plunging them into a crisis of Faith the likes of which were never seen before.

If this plan succeeds, Catholics who go along with it will actually change their religion, and the huge flock of Our Lord Jesus Christ will be reduced to a minority. Although this minority will probably have much to suffer, it will be sustained by the promise of Our Lord that the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church, and will thus participate, with Him, in the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary that Our Lady promised at Fatima.