12. Oct, 2019

All Saints

There’s something special about the Roman Catholic Church that makes Saints. This is the Holy Spirit. All good and Saint deeds in the Church are accomplished with the help of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit binds us together and fills us with Love so that our Church may be One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic.

To be one is to be one with or united to, so Saints were one with their local Catholic community. Their life was one with their religious order or parish. And that community was one with the local Bishop, who was one with the Church of Rome. To be a Saint you start by being one with the local Church where you will find Jesus and his representative.

Saints were holy because the Church is one with Jesus, the source of holiness. This holiness is seen in the Love that Christians have toward one another, and the many sacrifices they make for the sake of the world.

The Church is Catholic which means “universal.” It’s the same all round the world, meaning that Saints all round the world shared the same belief in Jesus.

The Church is Apostolic because the Church's Traditions were passed on right back to the time of the Apostles of Jesus.

So, the Holy Spirit that makes Saints does these four things. So what is the source of the Spirit? Where can we get it? The source is the Mass. Everything that makes us One with each other and Jesus, and that makes us Holy; everything that makes communion with the Universal Church possible throughout time, including the living Apostles through the communion of Saints – all of that happens during Mass so that we may become Saints.

Whenever Holy Mass is celebrated, the heaven is being opened, and Jesus is present. In each Holy Mass heaven is being opened and, with our spiritual eyes, we see the immense glory of God, we see with the eyes of our soul Jesus immolated, before Whom prostrate all the Angels and Saints in heaven, falling down on their face, adoring and glorifying the Lord with joyful and awed love.

Let’s recap. Remember that I said there’s something special about the Roman Catholic Church that makes Saints – the Holy Spirit. The source of the Holy Spirit in this world is the Mass because it is really and substantially the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. It is the same and identical sacrifice, which Jesus offered upon the Cross for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the making of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church with all its Saints.

To be a Saint you start by being one with the local Church where you find Jesus and his representative. So, come to Mass if you want to have the Holy Spirit live in you and make you a Saint.

Reference: Sermon on the Most Holy Eucharist, Bishop Athanasius Schneider https://www.gloriadei.io/sermon-on-the-most-holy-eucharist/