18. Oct, 2019

An attempted coup against Pope Francis

Religion and Ethics Report: Radio National

Andrew Was in Rome recently - just outside the walls of the Vatican.

Inside the head office of international Catholicism, there was talk of a split in the church – Pope Francis has even used the word “schism”.

Since 2013, anger among ultra conservatives has risen so sharply that some even question if he’s a legitimate Pope. Now bishops are meeting in Rome, ostensibly to discuss the plight of the Amazon region, but it could be another flashpoint in this papacy.

Joshua McElwee is Vatican correspondent for the independent newspaper The National Catholic Reporter. He has been monitoring a fragile situation.

Andrew also speaks with French journalist Nicolas Seneze, Rome correspondent for the newspaper La Croix.

The book is called How America Wanted to Change the Pope and it details an extraordinary attempt to bring down Francis.

So what did Pope Francis said when he received a copy of the book?