19. Nov, 2019



2019-10-03                                                      INRI
To conquer the earth and to be its leader, this is Satan’s goal, otherwise he will ultimately destroy it.  
This is the end of an era, this is the end of the beginning and the earth will be shaken, I must divide the wheat from the chaff.
All the world will experience My gift of the illumination of conscience, but with every gift there is a test.
Everyone will see themselves as I see them, but conversion will not be in everyone’s heart, they will be eager at first to repent, but as time passes, even within a short time, some well meaning souls will fall back into what was familiar, easier to live.
There will be much confusion, false prophets will tell people what they are wanting to hear, it may even have a bit of the Truth in what they say, but My Commandments will be modified, compromised to accommodate all.
Becoming slaves to their passions, those who have accumulated treasures, will find it difficult to separate themselves from these pleasures, begin now to live simply it will be of great benefit soon.
Through the Eucharist you will be sustained, I am your nourishment to bring you the strength that will be needed, even as you find the Church to be under attack, and that you must go hidden underground, I will make sure that you are fed spiritually.
Don’t be afraid, trust even in the midst of the most frightening circumstances, surrender every thought, every action according to My Will, and I will bestow on you My Peace that is beyond understanding.
You were chosen to live in this period of time, it is not a mistake for you to be here now, I have placed My confidence in you and you will be victorious for the Glory of God.
Pray, trusting with a peaceful heart to the Most Holy Mary, She is preparing you now in prayer to be Consecrated as Her child, for the upcoming events as She ultimately triumphs over Satan.
My people, your vices are strongly attached and do not easily let go, habits that were difficult to abandon were taken up again in lieu of persevering to change.
Bad morality and relativism are only a few of the ways that Satan has been working in the world in readiness for this time, convincing countless numbers of people that they can choose for themselves what is right and wrong.
His plan is to do away with all who believe in Me, any Christian especially Catholics, in order that a One World Order may be established, that he may have his puppet ruling in the role of the antichrist.