28. Nov, 2019

Another Christmas: Bah humbug!

By Fr Chris Webb

Bah humbug, said the ill-tempered boy. ‘All I want, he  thought to himself, was to have a really cool Christmas. I don’t even care about presents,’ so he said to himself.  

The boy did care about presents. He was just very sad, and perhaps a little bit cross about the prospect of another boring Christmas. He would have to endure coming to Church – how boring! And later, he was to put on a smile and face Christmas lunch with his boring family.

O boy, bah humbug. It was Christmas eve.

To relieve himself of his misery he escaped into a cool movie about superheroes. The night grew longer and he thought to himself, ‘it would be cool to have superpowers – that would make Christmas fun after all,’ as he nodded off to sleep.

After reluctantly brushing his teeth, and reluctantly making his bed, he came down to breakfast the next morning. It was Christmas day! Merry Christmas is all he heard people say, so it was already a bad day.

Worse yet, the boring Mass – all he wanted was to make a dash. ‘Dear God, get me out of here’ was his only prayer. And that is how it came to pass that the ill-tempered boy was raised to the heavens where the mystery of Christmas was revealed to him. And it was far more exciting than having laser-beam eyes and being able to dash all the bad guys into little tiny bits!

When the boy got home he was somehow changed. His disposition was warm, welcoming, and he had somehow learned the value of thankfulness. During Christmas lunch or dinner – it was so long it seemed to be both – how happy was this child to be with his family; how content he was even though he didn’t get the present that he really wanted. It was obvious that he was having so much fun, but why? What ever had gotten into this child?  

Finally his mum decided to get to the bottom of the mystery of her new son. It is not that he didn’t want to tell her, it’s just that he couldn’t. All he said was. ‘You know how the priest said that because Jesus came among us to share His life with us, that we now have been given the power to become sons and daughters of God? Well, mum I was given this power and Jesus showed me what it means. It was like it blew my mind – I can’t explain it, ...it was so cool ...it was the best present ever.’

The next Christmas the boy was so excited, and not to open his presents. A year wiser he told all his friends; ‘I now know how important Christmas is. Jesus was born a man, so men and women could become Gods!’ And although a year had passed they still looked on him as being a little strange – good strange, God strange! Secretly, they all wanted ‘that’ for themselves for Christmas.