30. Nov, 2019


St Lucy was like the sensible bridesmaids (Matthew 25:1-13). Her lamp was lit with a burning love for Jesus. Did you know that Lucy means light! And we see in her life that this light of Christ shone brightly because she died a martyr, revealing that her heart was full of God’s love. Everyone could see in her the light and love of Jesus for us all.  

Born in the 3rd century St Lucy received her faith from her mother and was inspired by Holy Spirit to consecrate herself to God as a virgin. However, her mother had arranged for her to marry. But this changed when her mother was miraculously healed by St Agatha and so she gave into and granted Lucy’s request to give herself to God as a consecrated virgin.  

This wasn’t the end of the story though. The man she was to marry got upset and accused her of being Christian which was a crime punishable by death. This is how it happened that Lucy went before the governor. All she had to do to save her life was to offer incense to the pagan idols – she refused. And so we see in Lucy’s short life how the Holy Spirit continued to move her to the summit of love which is love for God above all things – above marriage and even her own life. St Lucy met her death by the sword thrust into her throat.

God wants us to love him. No power of hell can stop us from loving God. In Lucy’s day satan inspired Diocletian to persecute the Church. However, hell runs a great risk in by trying to make Christians deviate from loving God. If the demons don’t succeed a Christian’s merits are increased and they can win many souls for the kingdom of God. In this way Lucy truly became light for the Church.

St Lucy’s short life and her death revealed the intensity of God’s pure love that dwelt in her heart. Lucy offers us an example of how God’s love is meant to grow in us and eventually conquer our heart and our life. This love made her choose to give herself totally to Jesus at all cost. And so we are called to follow her example and love Jesus above everything else.

The question is: How do you love Jesus above everything else in the whole world? It would be something concrete that we do to show our love. It would require effort and commitment.

It’s actually simple to know what Jesus wants. It is for you/us to come to Him – love always wants to unite. Jesus wants us to come to Him, particularly by making the effort to come to Mass every week to worship God and to commune with Him. This involves sacrifice and commitment and above all, requires our love. Second, Jesus wants us to turn away from sin and to help us He wants us to come to confession regularly. This is what it means to love Jesus above all else. Everything else is lip service.